A well earned break from social media

4 May 2020

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Well hello everyone, it's been a while since I was around here and although it has been good to get away from social media, I have missed seeing some of the faces of people who I have met online, show up on my timeline.

It has been a year since G was diagnosed with JIA and she is currently having a flare of her condition which is throwing lots of challenges our way.  One thing that is stable in her life is the love for her horse, yes it courses her pain to ride most days, but it is important for her to keep mobile and increase her core stability.  She has good and bad days, but nobody can fault her dedication to Willow.

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The current lockdown is impacting us all in various ways and I know we are facing uncertain times whether it is our jobs, mental health or just the feeling of being isolated from loved ones and family.  I know I am missing my new first granddaughter terribly.  I just want to hold and cuddle her, but for now I will just have to watch the videos I am sent.  Missing out on those early years is hard, although perhaps for my daughter in law it is nice not having the mother in law interfering 😊.  I started knitting again, something I have not done for 20 years and have enjoyed creating cardigans and dresses for my granddaughter.

We also in the middle of installing a new bathroom and decorating various other rooms alongside trying to come to terms with the challenging garden (it is more like a field).  Any offers of advice or help on this subject are welcome.  Whilst I can easily grow a few flowers and plants, this garden needs totally redesigning.  I want to complete the house and hubbie’s priority seems to be the garden!  Nevertheless, it will all get completed eventually.

I am currently working from home and do not know how long this will go on for, I sometimes long to see my workplace and all the lovely people I work with.  Being at home is extremely challenging, work alongside my other duties as teacher, mother, washer, cleaner and cook all merge in to one at times and I long for the hour I spend with G at the stables.

I just want to say, you are all doing amazing things.  From the single mums and families who are having to work, educate and play, to our fabulous NHS, social care and transport staff, you have got this!  There is nobody who is not going the extra mile.  Remember to be kind to everyone not just those close to you, you never know what the person is going through.

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