Styling Your Jeans For Winter

6 January 2019

I love winter clothes and my staple item as to be a pair of well fitting jeans.  The beauty of jeans is that you can dress them up for a night out or wear them casually during the day. Teamed with a fabulous pair of heels you can create the perfect outfit for night time or they look equally as good with flats or boots for day time walks or shopping trips.

I recently found the most amazingly, comfortable and well fitting jeans I have ever purchased at JD Williams and a bargain at £29.40. The Shape and Sculpt high waisted skinny jeans are a perfect fit and made from stretchable denim, you do not feel restricted when moving around. I must admit I was a little dubious about purchasing jeans before trying them on but with JD Williams you can always exchange or return them.

Jumpers and long sleeved tops are perfect for the winter months and you can easily add accessories to give unique touches to your clothes, for example instead of wearing your top loosely over jeans try tucking it in and adding a belt to give a more defined shape, or add a scarf or costume jewellery to add colour. It is great fun experimenting with different accessories and really surprising how many different outfits you can create.  The great thing about Winter is that you can add layers using different textures and fabrics to highlight areas of interest to create the perfect silhouette.

Now I've found the best pair of jeans I just need to purchase a couple more staple items to compliment my wardrobe and to see it through to the Spring time when hopefully I can reduce the layering a little.

Whether you prefer bootcut, skinny or the more traditional fit there are so many ways to wear your jeans or to find the most appropriate pair for you.  My must do tip, is to try lots of pairs on until you the the fit most comfortable for you.

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