Stocking Fillers for Everyone

18 December 2018

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

One of our traditions is to hang stockings on our beds and fill them with lots of small treats.  I tend to buy little bits all throughout the year (especially sale items or clearance stock).  I find Gee would rather have lots of small gifts and gets so much enjoyment unwrapping her stocking on Christmas morning, joining us in our bed, it is the beginning of a perfect Christmas Day.  Below are a few items that you could include.

Goo Poop & Glow Goo Kits - Smiggle
My daughter is mad about slime and goo and these lovely sets from Smiggle are now on offer at £8.00 each. You get everything in the box to make your own slime and goo without having to hunt around the house for ingredients.  I know what present Gee will be playing with first on Christmas morning.

Not forgetting the animals a handmade Cat Blanket 
A while ago I came across a lovely lady called Jasmin who hand crochets beautiful blankets and other things especially for our pets.  Mr Fluff loves his autumn leaves blanket but trying to get a photo of him is quite a challenge.  You can find Jasmin's Handarbeiten on Facebook, she is so lovely and will cater for the needs of your pets and little ones.

Nanshy Masterful Collection Make-up Brushes - Perfect for Teens
Nanshy are a Cruelty-Free & Vegan makeup accessories brand.  The Masterful Collection Make-up Brushes are made from high quality synthetic hair, have labelled handles, perfect for that flawless finish.  There are twelve brushes in the collection, one for each, angled detailer, crease, blending, contouring, blush, powder, stippling, foundation, shader, pencil, liner and lip brush, I would be happy with these in my stocking as well as my daughter. The beautiful pearlescent handles are weighted to aid the application.  Priced at £49.95 for all 12 brushes they are a bargain.

Maped Helix Sets for kids who like to be creative
My daughter just loves any kind of stationary and the Rose Gold Metallic Oxford Maths set from Maped Helix would make a lovely gift and hopefully encourage her a little more with maths.  Priced at £9.99 it comes with its own storage tin.  Another lovely gift is the Premium Writing Gift Set which comes with a fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens.  This item is £19.99.

PJMasks LED Lights for toddlers
For the little ones they are sure to love the PJMasks colour changing LED lights. These would make a lovely gift for children who don't like the dark as they provide a soft light and also stay cool to touch. Priced at £7.99 they are perfect for stockings at Christmas.  Available from all major UK retailers.

Well it really isn't long now until the big day and I still have lots to do and prepare.  Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

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