Christmas Dinner Preparation

18 December 2018

It is nearly time for my favourite meal of the year, Christmas dinner.  When the boys were little, I was a single mum and really struggled cooking and playing with their new toys.  I loved helping them to put things together and found it really difficult to divide my time, after all Christmas is about being with family.  I often felt bad, but over the years I have learnt to juggle tasks and prepare things on Christmas Eve allowing me the freedom to enjoy Christmas morning, spending more quality time with the children. 

Christmas Eve tasks
  1. Prepare all the vegetables. I par-boil the brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage and broccoli and put them in cold water, drain them and seal them in bags ready for the big day.
  2. Wrap the chipolata sausages in bacon.
  3. Make the bread sauce and gravy.
  4. Make the Yorkshire pudding batter.
  5. Hubbie would not be happy if I did not make mince pies for Christmas Day, so I usually make these after I have been out to pick up my Turkey.
I am up really early Christmas Eve and usually out of the door at 7.00am to pick up last minute supplies. I find it so much quieter at that time and it then allows me to complete all the tasks above before lunch time. Once everything is complete, I can then spend the rest of Christmas Eve with my daughter, visiting family and friends and watching movies. Of course there is always lots of nibbles and wine to enjoy when we finally close our door to the outside world.

Recently I have been trying out some new pans from the Kaufmann's Sienna range. Not only do they look good but I found the pans easy to clean and they heated up quickly too. I loved the glass lids so that I could keep an eye on the cooking while I rushed on with other jobs which is especially handy around Christmas. The price is really good and for anyone wanting to do more cooking these are a great find and as we all know it’s so easy to buy from Amazon. I also spotted on their website there’s some recipes with videos. I definitely want to test these out in the New Year when I have a little more time.  The pans come with a 10 year guarantee and 5 year non-stick warranty so if anything was to go wrong, you know that you are covered. You can buy the range of pans at Amazon in either a 3 piece saucepan set, a 2 piece frying pan set and a 5 piece saucepan and frying pan set.

Another tradition I partake in is preparing a Christmas Eve box for Gee, it usually contains hot chocolate, a new Christmas mug, a DVD, reindeer food (although this year this may not happen), some new pyjamas and slippers and a Christmassy bath bomb. We love to have a nice bath and put our new pyjamas on and wait for Santa. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

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