5 Ways To Improve Your Life After 50

27 December 2018

How did I arrive at my early 50's so quickly? I certainly don't feel any older in my mind, although my body may well have the telltale signs of ageing, which is inevitable. I do think we take life for granted at times, it is precious and can be taken away from you in seconds. After losing my brother in law who was in his early 30s to cancer, it was a serious wake up call. All those decisions we make in our younger years can impact our future and although we all make mistakes, I like to think that we learn from them. There is no point in dwelling on what could have been, we should focus on what lays ahead to make a brighter future for our family.

There are lots of simple ways to improve your well being and mental health as you hit the big ‘50’ enabling you to live life to the full.

1. Eat healthily – forget all those takeaways and opt for fresh foods that you can prepare yourself. With sensible planning and preparation, meal time routines can become a time to spend with loved ones. Sharing the cooking chores is a great way of spending more time together with your partner and family. Obviously the odd takeaway will not hurt you and can be a treat when you are pushed for time.

2. Travel – we love to explore new places and this will carry on in to our older years. Whether it is abroad or at home, there are lots of new destinations to discover that can help you enjoy unforgettable experiences. Travelling opens the mind, broadens your horizons and creates many happy memories.

3. Look after your health – regular health check ups with your GP can help to identify any potential health problems early on. It is never ok to ignore any niggling doubts you have in regards to your health.

4. Exercise – raises the levels of endorphins in our body which help to boost mood and decrease stress levels. Regular exercise will help you to maintain and improve your flexibility as you age. It also benefits the brain by improving blood flow and leaving you with a feel good factor.

5. Learn a new skill – we all have hobbies that we enjoy but there is bound to be something you have always wanted to do or achieve and now is the time to do it. Whether it is a qualification to enable you to advance at work or something you would like to do for pleasure, it is a fantastic way of keeping your brain active.

I never thought I would be moving in my 50’s but I am embracing the challenge this will bring. I have already been offered a new job, which I have accepted and can’t wait to start. So, with house renovations and a new job to focus on, I am ready to start this new chapter in my life. One area I definitely need to improve is my exercise levels and I will be making the most of a leisure centre that is nearby.

SunLife have produced some videos and posts interviewing individuals about their life after 50.

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