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2 September 2018

Since Gee was withdrawn from school we have had a huge learning curve in teaching her skills that will help her achieve her ambitions and dreams.  I never thought it was going to be easy but sometimes I feel frustrated with how things are going.  I suppose I question my ability in meeting her educational needs.

We have not stopped educating in the holidays, everyday brings a new learning experience, plus we
have a tutor for maths as it is one of her not so strong subjects and these lessons have continued also.

Part of the fun of the learning is choosing new stationary and accessories and like any other teenager Gee loves anything that glitters and sparkles. I find having crisp new notebooks, encourage her to be more proactive in learning.

Smiggle is every girls' dream, glittery, sparkly pencil cases, fluffy and sequined notebooks can be encouraging and when your child has sensory issues, they can also be calming if she becomes anxious. Priced at £8.50 it is definitely more than a notebook.

Being autistic impacts on every aspect of your life and Gee has learned that by wearing earphones she is able to concentrate better on the task in hand.  All outside noise and distractions are minimised allowing her to focus better.  The cute cupcake earphones from Smiggle are fab, they are lovely and padded meaning they are so comfy to wear.  The earphones cost £20.

We both really love the Panda Pencil Case it comes supplied with all her colouring pens, erasers and pencils safely stored in one place, no hunting around for things she has mislaid.  Priced at £18.

All the back to school range is available in stores now and they have plenty of special offers available to save money.  There is still time to visit for your last minute purchases.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this post but the opinion is our own.

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