5 Tips for Autumn Gardening

11 September 2018

Autumn is my favourite season of the year with so many gorgeous colours covering the ground. With the first frost of the year the fallen leaves are crisp under foot and it is a time to harvest any produce for the coming winter months. The early morning mists often give way to pleasant days which are noticeably cooler but perfect for preparing your garden for winter.

So summer is over and to make life easier next spring below are a few ways you can help to stop the mad march hare dashing around come March.
  1. Clean out your sheds – dispose of any rubbish you have accumulated over the summer and clean your gardening tools (we always give them a coat of oil to keep them in top notch condition and it prevents rust). Decluttering makes Spring jobs much easier.
  2. Remove any decaying plants and leaves and cut back any unruly perennials.  This is the time to split plants and move them if you need to.
  3.  If you like lots of daffodils and tulips in your borders then now is the time to plant them.  It is also the perfect time to sow cornflowers and poppies.
  4. Give you lawn a makeover by raking out any moss, aerating with a fork and apply weed and feed. Once you have done this it is good to make sure all the edges are neat and tidy.
  5. Clean the patio and paths to avoid green algae building up. Jeyes fluid is perfect for scrubbing with the yard brush and then hose down with cold water.

Our garden is not very big at all but I would absolutely love a Victorian greenhouse from GBC Group for spring. I could have so much fun growing things from seed instead of buying plants and no matter how hard I try to grow tomatoes they always seem to fail, maybe that is because I live on a hill in the Peak District.

Do you have any hand tips for the garden this Autumn?  I would love it if you shared them.

This is a collaborative post.

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