What To Wear To The Beach In Your 50s

14 August 2018

I have reached the age where my body is showing signs of ageing. But, I am proud of every little mark I have earnt. My battle scars are part of motherhood and should be seen as a sign of beauty and not hidden away from the world. These slight imperfections do not stop me from wanting to dress well and look good whilst on holiday. I love bikinis and whilst I would not wear the skimpy variety through choice, there are lots of beautiful high waisted bikinis that are really in fashion at the moment and can hide a multitude of sins if you are a little self-conscious.

I love the vibrant pattern of the Costa Rica Control Brief  from Simply Beach which can be teamed with a matching top. Cover with a lightweight kaftan and it would be perfect for lazy days in some amazing, exotic location.

Sun hats are not only a great way of keeping the sun off your face, they shield you from the heat of the day and add elegance to any outfit. Summer straw hats look amazing on their own or add a dash of colour with a scarf around the brim.

I dare say my daughter will want to visit the water park whilst we are on holiday and it is therefore essential to pack different swimwear such as a full costume for high activity. I always feel comfier in something more substantial that cannot slip and reveal parts of my body that I would prefer not to share (at least not in a water park).

Photo by Joan MM on Unsplash

Sandals are a must for the beach along with a pair of beach shoes. I hate those moments when I have gone in to the sea for a swim and struggled coming out due to the rocks underneath. I think with knowledge and age I now go prepared for most eventualities.

Floaty dresses and loose fitting shirts over shorts are fabulous for keeping cool and can take you from day to night time.

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

Obviously the main thing to wear is sunscreen, this will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and stop you from burning. It is best to avoid the midday sun as this is when it is at its strongest. I find late afternoons are perfect for a little relaxation and at this time you will find me with my hat, sunglasses and a good book sprawled out on a lounger.

Finally, just because we are over 50 do not write us off, we are in our prime and have weathered numerous storms to become more vibrant and outgoing.  Enjoy the beach ladies, flaunt your stuff and don't be afraid of what other people think.  Be proud of who you are and make a statement for the older generation.

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