5 Ways To Keep Cool At Home This Summer

13 August 2018

I cannot believe how lucky we have been with the weather this summer. Long hot days leading to equally hot nights can leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable indoors. So what can you do to help improve the temperature indoors in warm weather?

1  - Bedroom
Use cotton sheets, they are much cooler and get rid of the duvet (at least until colder weather). I always open the windows and have the curtains shut in the daytime, this helps to shield the room from the afternoon sun. Fans can help, but unfortunately I cannot sleep with it whirring at the side of me. I bought a cooling dog mat from the petrol station (you may well laugh), but they are fabulous and also great for hot flushes ;).

2 -  Living Room
Sliding patio doors from Quickslide Windows and Doors are perfect, they allow you to open up the whole room to fresher, cooler air and light. They are also fabulous when entertaining as the party can carry on outside as well as inside. Strategically placed fans on the floor can help to circulate any cooler air around the room.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

3 - Kitchen
Instead of standing cooking, prepare simple salads and throw some meat on the barbecue outside. Not only does it taste amazing it’s the perfect excuse for a glass of prosecco or a gin and tonic, a lot more pleasant than getting hot and sticky cooking. Use a fly screen on your door to prevent flies from entering your home.

4 - Bathroom
Turn down the temperature on your shower. A nice cool/cold shower is so refreshing and leaves you feeling all tingly and fresh, at least for a short while. Keep the extractor fan running to avoid any heat circulating from the bathroom.

5 - Air Conditioning Unit
If you still feel no relief from the heat then affordable air conditioning units are an option, although I don’t feel that we have enough hot weather to justify the cost of buying one. 

I must admit I do not want the hot weather to end. It reminds me of the summers of my childhood when we played out endlessly, paddled in the river, enjoyed picnics and made amazing memories. Gee loves doing the things we once did and I still love a paddle, not forgetting Marlow of course.

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