Hey That's My Fish - Board Game Club June

1 July 2018

Our second game to review in June as part of the Asmodee Board Game Club was called Hey, That's My Fish which we had never come across before.

Hey, That's My Fish is a handy travel sized game whereby the aim is to collect the most fish and win all the other penguins.

What's in the box
  • a rulesheet
  • 60 ice floe tiles - 30 one-fish tiles, 20 two-fish tiles and 10 three-fish tiles
  • 16 plastic penguins in 4 colours

How to play
  1. You create your own board by shuffling the ice floe tiles and placing them facedown.  You then turn them face up and place in rows of eight in to a rough square.  The top row will have 8 tiles, the 2nd 7, the 3rd 8 etc.
  2. Each player has their own penguin colour, if 2 players then 4 penguins, 3 players 3 penguins, 4 players 2 penguins.
  3. Each player then places their penguin on a ice floe tile with 1 fish on it.
  4. Each player must then move his penguin in a straight line to another tile and collects the tile he started on. This tile is then placed in a pile of front of them.
  5. Play continues until there are no more moves for each player and all penguins are removed from the board.
  6. The winner is the person with the most fish at the end of the game.

We love the simplicity of this game, setting up and play is easy and is aimed at children 8 years and above, although I think younger children could play with help.  The average game lasts around 20 minutes so it is ideal when time is limited and great for taking on holiday as it is compact.

You can buy Hey, That's My Fish from Amazon priced £12.99.

We were sent his game as part of the Asmodee Board Game Club but the opinion is entirely our own.

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