Ticket to Ride Europe - Board Game Club June

27 June 2018

This month as part of the Asmodee Board Game Club we have been playing Ticket to Ride Europe which we love. This exciting game takes you on journeys from Pamplona to Berlin, Amsterdam to London and other great railway routes across Europe.

What's in the box
1 board map of European train routes
15 coloured train stations
240 coloured train carriages
110 train carriage cards
46 destination tickets
5 wooden scoring markers
1 rules booklet

How to play
  1. To set up the game the board needs placing in the centre and each player receives 45 coloured train carriages, a matching set of 3 coloured train stations and the matching scoring marker. The scoring marker is placed in position 1.
  2. Shuffle the train cards and deal 4 cards to each player.
  3. The remaining cards should be placed on the board in position 3 and the top 5 cards placed face up.
  4. The European Express bonus and summary card should be placed face up in position 4.
  5. Separate the long route destination tickets from the regular routes. Shuffle the long routes and deal 1 to each player, these can be placed in position 5.  Unused tickets can be placed in the box.
  6. Shuffle the regular destination tickets and deal 3 to each player, placing the remaining cards in a pile face down, position 6.

The object of the game is to score the highest points.  Points can be scored for claiming a route, securing a continuous path between cities, claiming the longest route and for each train station you have in reserve at the end of the game.

Ticket to Ride Europe is an entertaining game suitable for 2 to 5 players from 8 years of age.  We found it was better with 4+ players as it made it more exciting when trying to claim routes on the board. All the pieces are made of good quality materials and should last a long time. You can buy Ticket To Ride Europe from major stockists and amazon priced around £32.99.

Verdict:   We love it.

We were sent this game as part of the Asmodee Board Game Club but the opinion is entirely our own.

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