Wilde Like Me - Louise Pentland

28 May 2018

From an early age I loved books and would read absolutely anything, fiction, non-fiction, history and encyclopedias.  Recently I decided to stay away from social media in an evening and find time to relax and rekindle my passion for books. I decided to join in on the blog tour for #WildeLikeMe and can't wait to find out what other bloggers thought of Louise's book.

I have been lucky to receive the newly released paperback Wilde Like Me, written by Louise Pentland, beauty blogger, fashion designer, youtuber and now a No 1 bestselling author.  Louise is also a UN Global Ambassador for Gender Equality and I cannot commend her enough for the work she does.  Gender equality is a human right which will hopefully lead to a peaceful, safer world and women all over the world will feel empowered

Wilde Like Me is about Robin, make up artist and single mum to her 6 year old daughter Layla and her battle to change her life with the help of her lovable eccentric aunt. I think we can all resonate with the feelings of loneliness that Robin battles on a daily basis. Having been a single mum in the past I loved how Robin could hopefully tried to change her life for the better but obviously I won't give too much away as it will spoil your read. Her aunt is a marvellous character with eccentric behaviours that add the occasional laugh to the storyline.

This is an ideal book for your summer holiday reading list and I just wish I had been lay on a sun bed enjoying it rather than sat at home.   Wilde Like Me is available from Amazon priced £3.99.

You can find Louise on twitter and also on YouTube and follow the blog tour on #WildeLikeMe.

I was sent this book free of charge for the purpose of this post but the opinion is entirely my own.

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