Keep The Love Alive All Year Not Just On Valentine's Day

11 February 2018

How do you keep a relationship alive? I think it is important to set aside some time each week away from work/social media and family to spend time as a couple and enjoy some adult fun. It doesn’t all have to be about sex, although it is healthy and exciting to have a good sex life. Wine and dine your partner as well, make them feel special not just on one day of the year. Get dressed up and do something special, go to the theatre or for a meal. With the help of two fabulous companies Dobell and Love Drop we hope to enjoy many enjoyable evenings.

Dobell are a online seller of men's formal wear and have something to suit every occasion. They recently sent hubbie the most gorgeous classical tuxedo, trimmed with satin on the pockets, lapel and a side stripe of satin on the trousers. On ordering the tuxedo, sizing was spot on and it arrived beautifully packaged and even included a suit bag to store it in. As you can see it fits perfectly and hubbie says it is so comfy to wear. Ok, hubbie isn't Richard Gere but he doesn't scrub up too bad and we can't wait to get dressed up and party. Dobell also have some great offers on at the moment, they are definitely worth considering if you are looking for occasion wear.

Love Drop is a bi-monthly date box subscription service which costs £45. In your box you will receive various items to give you new ideas and toys to spice up your sex life. Even if you haven’t used sex toys before there is always time to learn something new. When Love Drop contacted me and offered to send me a date night box to try out, I couldn’t wait to see what would arrive.

In our box:
  • Welcome card and leaflet
  • Date night idea cards
  • 1 Melt Candle
  • 1 Lelo Nea massager toy
  • 2 Lelo Hex condoms and lube
  • 1 chocolate bar
This box is definitely a keeper. I love all the small details, from the date night idea cards to the divine smelling candle and the Lelo Nea massager is perfect for those tired limbs and other intimate areas. A fabulous idea full of quality items and one that I would like to keep receiving. I only have one little niggle, I would love to have seen two chocolate bars in the box after all it is for two people.

How do you keep your relationship strong and healthy?  

I was sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this post but the opinion is our own.

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