Samsung AddWash Ecobubble Washer/Dryer Review

27 November 2017

Gone are the days when I washed laundry once a week, the old twin tub washer was pulled out and I spent all morning washing clothes. We now live in an age where technology gives us an helping hand and saves us time and money. We were recently invited to review the Samsung AddWash Ecobubble 9kg / 6k Washer Dryer by Appliances Online and could not wait to get started.  

Living with a daughter who is horse mad and a son who is a landscape gardener, it can be quite a challenge ensuring that all our clothes are washed properly and ready to wear again as soon as possible. Working full time it is essential for us to have an appliance that gives us an helping hand. It has a huge 9kg capacity for washing and 6kg capacity for drying.

The Samsung AddWash Ecobubble has two great features, one being the AddWash which allows you to add forgotton clothes after the wash cycle has commenced. You just pause the machine (if the temperature is less that 50 degrees) and open the AddWash hatch, add your missing items and un-pause the cycle. So useful for those stray socks that always appear once you have put the washer on.

The second feature we love is the Ecobubble technology. Washing powder/liquid is turned into lots of bubbles which penetrate fabric and remove dirt easily, this helps to protect the fabrics and save energy on long washes. There is also a Bubble Soak button to bubble soak heavily stained clothes allowing them to be washed more efficiently.

When deciding what wash to set your programme to you can also alter the amount of rinses, spins and spin speed, I find this really useful, as I have noticed the dryer works a lot more efficiently when the washing has been spun at 1400rpm. Another great feature is the Delay End button, this means I can put the washing on before I go to work but delay the programme so that the drying ends just before I come home, no more creased washing to iron. My favourite programmes have to be the daily wash and 15 minute quick wash, perfect for when you need small items in a hurry.

The ingenious Digital Inverter Motor is so quiet, in fact half of the time you do not hear hardly any noise. The motor offers long-lasting performance and comes with a 10 year warranty and it has a A+++ energy rating so will save you money on energy and water consumption.

I love this machine, it ticks all the right boxes and works like a dream and of course the service you receive from Appliances Online is second to none. Ordering and delivery runs so smoothly and it is so nice to receive a telephone call when the drivers are 30 minutes away. I would definitely recommend this product and purchasing from Appliances Online.

Appliances Online have some great savings in the Black Friday sales but also offer premium products and remarkable prices.

I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinion is entirely my own.


  1. This sounds great, I particularly like the Bubble Soak function after years of trying to get the mud and grass stains out of football and cricket kit! And I agree, a Quick Wash function is a brilliant option to do just that. I'd never thought of choosing a Samsung washing machine but I will go and check them out now I've read this.

  2. This sounds perfect! We are in desperate need of new washing machine :)

  3. This looks fab! We've just got a lovely new machine, amazing how much the technology changes in just a few years.

  4. Oh wow,this looks great. I love that it comes in black too. It would match my fridge freezer perfectly :)

  5. I am loving that huge capacity, that is amazing. I am washing most days of the week as there are 5 of us just to make sure it fits in the machine!

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