How To Choose The Right Type Of Flooring For Your Home

28 December 2017

For years I have had carpeting all through my house mainly because that is what my parents have always had. Recently I have been considering the various options available especially for those high traffic areas. Our dog often comes back from walks dirty and wet and even though we wash him off, without having a downstairs wash room there is obviously some mess. So what types of flooring are suitable for a family with pets?

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Most carpets help to insulate a room and provide softness and comfort under foot. They are great for sitting on and reduce noise by absorbing sounds and footsteps. There is a wide variety of colours, textures and pattern available that will coordinate with any room style.

Spillages can be hard to clean up, this can be worse if you dog manages to dash in like Marlow when he has been on a walk, I cannot recall the number of times I have had to deal with muddy footprints. Carpets also wear easily and a tread pathway can form which I do not really like. If you suffer from allergies then carpets may aggravate this due to allergens which get trapped in carpet fibres.

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Ceramic floor tiles

Available in a wide variety of patterns and design. These type of tiles are relatively easy to clean and if sealed properly can repel water and spillages. They are particularly good for using in kitchens and bathrooms which are humid. Ceramic floor tiles can last on long time so any extra money that they cost works out cheaper in the long run as you will not have to replace them as often.

Ceramic flooring can become slippery if wet. They are hard and cold underfoot. It can be expensive employing a skilled person to fit them, which is preferential as cutting these tiles can be quite tricky. If you should drop something it could crack the tiles.

Vinyl flooring

Is durable and good for areas in the home that has high traffic and is softer underfoot. Vinyl flooring Essex has a huge variety which offer you the combination and beauty of real wood or stone floors but with the added benefit of being easier to clean and maintain. This can be a cost effective way of transforming your room without expensive outlay.

Colour can fade and can be damaged by sharp objects.

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Wooden floors

Wooden floors look good and can last a long time, often improving with age. They are easy to clean and warmer underfoot than ceramic tiles.

Maintaining a wooden floor can take time and it will require regular polishing to keep it in ship shape. It is not recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms due to the damage that water can do. Can scratch easily and it is not advisable to walk on it with stiletto shoes.

In the long run it all comes down to individual preferences and whilst I would love wooden floors/vinyl throughout the house for ease of cleaning and maintenance, I think my lounge will have to stay carpeted as we spend a lot of time playing board games etc on the floor. What kind of flooring would you like?

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