5 Ways To Improve Your Home

20 December 2017

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Home improvements are a sure way to increase the market value of your home and can also create additional space if your family should multiply either by the birth of a baby or the addition of an elderly family member. This removes the necessity of a move, which can be expensive in itself.

The best way of deciding what your options are, is to work out a budget beforehand and to stick to it. We always overprice jobs that we need to complete and therefore if any additional expenses arise they are usually covered. Remember to make sure before work commences to have a contract in place with the company that are completing the work and a timescale for them to be completed.

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Install an open plan kitchen
With kitchens being the focal point of any home creating an open plan kitchen can be a great way of bringing all the family together. Moving walls can be a huge job but family will benefit from the sociable space created to incorporate a dining room with the kitchen. I love the idea of cooking and being able to help Gee with her homework at the same time.

Build a conservatory
Maybe you could use self build conservatories as a way to give you an extra room. Whether you are looking for a traditional conservatory or something a little more elaborate there are lots of options available. A conservatory can provide a relaxing environment with lots of light and views to add peace and tranquillity to a house.

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Convert your loft space
By converting your loft space you can create an extra bedroom, office or playroom, in fact it can be used for any room you need the most. Loft conversions can also add considerable value to your home should you decide to sell in the future.

A touch of paint can work wonders for tired looking walls and woodwork and can give a new lease of life to any room in the house. This is a relatively easy and quick improvement to make and I always feel better in newly decorated room.

Where do I start, my daughter is a hoarder and it drives me insane. I am all for clean living with minimal fuss and although I try to keep things to a minimum, it isn't to my liking. I live in hope that one day I will be able to live in a clutter free house. For now I will learn to live with her untidiness as it helps her to deal with all the things inside her head.

There are so many ways to make simple improvements to your home and some can be accomplished it a short time scale with minimal expenses. What are your best tips for improving your home?

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  1. De-cluttering is my number one way to make my home look and feel better. Great list!

  2. I need to decorate ours, it is looking very tired these days. Just never seem to have the time though

  3. I think everyone is planning to declutter as we enter the new year, I have some much time I need to sort out, either move into the loft or giveaway.

  4. De-cluttering is top of my list too this week. It's amazing how quickly it builds up!

  5. We're having a good clear out this weekend, I can't wait! We have built up so much stuff over the years. Makes the place look so much better too


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