What's New in October #linkie

26 October 2017

How on earth is it nearly November? I can't believe how time has flown this year. We are preparing for Halloween and Bonfire Night by making bonfire toffee and toffee apples and will hopefully be attending an organised display locally, Gee surprisingly likes fireworks although she isn't to keen on the crowds, so we usually find a quiet spot somewhere to stand and watch. This month I have more new items to share with you that we have tried out and tested.

Fairfields Farm - Heat & Eat Crisps
I am a crisp addict so when I was sent the new Heat & Eat range from Fairfields Farm I couldn't wait to tuck in.  I was not disappointed, these delectable crisps taste freshly made, pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have a moreish snack, especially good for sharing  when entertaining. There are two flavours Sea Salt with a Tomato Salsa dip and Cheese & Chive with a Caramelised Onion dip, I could not pick the one I like best. Available in Tesco stores priced £2.49 for a 175g bag.

Star Wars Scriball by Mitre
Gee was recently sent the Star Wars Scriball from Mitre and I must say these are a fabulous idea. Each Scriball comes complete with pump and colouring pens to decorate your Scriball and Gee had lots of fun colouring it in.  Needless to say it is now on the stand as she doesn't want to ruin it by playing with it. Scriball retails for around £12 available from Mitre.

Phil Smith - Smooth It Out Detangling Brush
From the award winning haircare brand Phil Smith the Smooth It Out Detangling Brush is perfect for pain free detangling. With it's bright and colourful zig zag bristles it is gentle on the scalp, can be used on wet or day hair and reduces hair breakage. Priced at £4.50 it is available from Sainsburys and would brighten up any dressing table.

Ombar Coco Almond 
I love raw Chocolate and the new Coco Almond from Ombar is delicious, made from fine 100% organic Ecuadorian cacao it definitely appeals to my not so sweet tooth with its crunchy almond and smooth chocolate flavour. Now available in a bigger bar size of 70g it retails for £2.99 from Waitrose.

Nairn's - Chunky Oats, Dark Chocolate and Coconut Biscuit Breaks
Nairn's have released a new 35% less sugar biscuit snack. Each 160g box contains 4 pouches of 3 biscuits, each biscuit having 64 calories. These tasty treats are high in fibre and gluten free so perfect for that mid morning snack. I love the dark chocolate chunks in these biscuits, perfect with my coffee at work. Priced around £1.79 they are available from Sainsburys.

Buff Headwear - Mix & Match Range

Buff Headwear is the home of multi functional headwear perfect for outdoor recreations. The new mix and match range features different textures and colours so that you can find the perfect hat and neckwear for your recreational activity. I just love the neck warmer with cable and diamante detail and the hats have a warm fleece interior which keeps your ears toasty warm, perfect for autumn and winter when the temperatures drop. All accessories are made from performance fabrics designed for comfort and warmth.  Prices vary depending on fabric and they are available on line from Buffwear.

Grenade Carb Killa
The Carb Killa bar from Grenade will satisfy your sweet tooth whilst giving your body the fuel you need for exercise and sport. Each bar has 23g of protein, lots of fibre and less than 1.5g of sugar, at 220 calories it is perfect for your post exercise routine as it ensures blood sugar levels stay balanced.   Priced at £2.49 each they are available from Grenade.

Uber Sonic Club
Uber Sonic is a fabulous new idea for your teeth. By joining the Club you will receive in your starter pack a brushed aluminium rechargeable toothbrush which has sonic high speed movement. This won the Red Dot Award.  A travel case to protect the head and teeth whitening gel for £19. Every second month you receive two new replacement heads for £9, this ensures you change the head every month as recommended by dentists. The tooth brush is smooth and sleek, immensely powerful and ensures your teeth and mouth are perfectly clean.  Such a great idea.

New Era - Combination J
With Autumn and Winter being the season of germs due to stuffy homes and offices, New Era Combination J Tissue Salts are a natural alternative to boosting your immunity. Lets face it we can all do with a boost as the children share their germs from school. New Era J can help to ease  and combat colds, coughs and chestiness. Priced at £8.49 for 240 tablets they are available from Power Health.

That is all for now but I am excited to share my November post with you soon. I would love it if you have found anything new and nice on the market to join in with my linkie.  I will comment and share the love.


  1. Some lovely new thing here Cathy. That colour in football looks like a great idea :)

    1. Thank you Claire, have a lovely weekend x

  2. The Star Wars football looks ace. Fancy them crisps too!

  3. I'd love to try those crisps, not so sure about the sharing part though lol!

  4. Love the look of the detangling brush. Would love to try it.

  5. Ohh great October finds. I personally want to have the Buff Headwear-Mix & Match Range, perfect for the coming winter season.

  6. Loving the Star Wars Scriball. I could use this as a gift.

  7. I absolutely love Ombar chocolate bars! Yummy x

  8. That football is awesome, I need to get Bugs one of those! x


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