What We Did This Summer

10 September 2017

The summer holidays have now come to a close and we are back in the daily school routines but the fun doesn't have to stop. There are lots of activities you can do with the children after school and in the early evening if they are older.

We were kindly sent a hamper of goodies for over the summer to enjoy and had lots of fun baking cookies, making friendship bracelets, playing card games and finding new and exciting ways of watching movies i.e. we made an indoor cinema with blankets on the floor and plenty of tasty snacks to enjoy whilst we were all cuddled up watching our favourite Harry Potter movie.

Gee's favourite activities were keeping a diary of all the things she had enjoyed, it is a lovely memento to look back on in future years and will definitely provide her with memories to reflect on. Her diary consists of photos, tickets from days out and plenty of narrative which she can have as a keepsake. Her absolute highlight of the summer was getting her own pony.

With a little help from me, we also made some lovely friendship bracelets and these have made lovely presents to give to her friends on return to school this week. It is so good to craft these yourself with braid, adding beads along the way for added texture and such a lovely activity but a little fiddly at times.

Who thought throwing a Frisbee could be good fun? Whilst Gee wanted to play with the Frisbee, Marlow our dog had better ideas and could not help himself from retrieving it whilst we were playing in the fields.

Room to Grow have many great ideas for keeping the children entertained with useful summer activities and colouring downloads to enjoy throughout the year.

We were sent some activities free of charge for the purpose of this post.


  1. Ah sounds like you've done some wonderful things together over the summer!

  2. SOunds like you've had a fantastic summer together. Gorgeous photos too!

  3. its lovely that you had such a busy summer and got to enjoy lots of wonderful things. You definitely seem to have made the most of it.

  4. Lovely pics of your family having fun this summer, looks like a good activity box to inspire a great time


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