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1 September 2017

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It feels so good to plan a holiday, after all, we all work hard and look forward to our annual trip, a time to relax and rejuvenate and get away from the everyday work life. When we go on holiday we always take our phones and iPad with us, not that we spend a lot of time on them once we are enjoying our holiday, but they are useful to have. Boredom can be a huge problem for children, especially on long plane journeys and we find it handy to download a film prior to leaving the UK, enabling the children to have some form of entertainment whilst travelling.  I also find it useful for keeping track of internet banking and receive alerts to any suspicious activity on our accounts. Many excursion companies also offer discounts if trips are booked online prior to visiting whilst you are away.

With more children now having access to mobile devices, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure we protect them from varying sources of cybercrime and educate them of the dangers they may face. It is so important to have regular conversations with children about social media and discuss any worries they may have, being open can help children to not feel pressured into hiding things and not discussing any concerns they may have. Below are many ways that you can help them to become more cyber aware of the problems and difficulties they may face.

Set a Pin or Finger Print scan – a good way of protecting our devices is to set a pin, password or finger print scan to gain access.  This way all your personal information will be safe. This is something I really worry about as I have an internet banking App and although it is secure, you can never be certain.

Parental controls – these can be activated by your broadband provider. Many offer software or tools you can download which allow you to filter and/or block content whilst your children are searching the web. Parental controls can also be used so that age appropriate Apps can only be downloaded.

Cyber Bullying – this can involve anything from hurtful text messages or emails, embarrassing photographs being shared which can lead to low self-esteem and mental health problems.

Passwords – when creating passwords, it can be quite difficult to remember them if they are too complicated. Phrases are a good way of remembering, especially for children and are often harder to replicate.

Limit time online – obviously each child is an individual and we as parents should judge how much screen time our children have. It is also great for them to get outdoors and play and have screen free time. As a family, we find devices useful at night time, especially if you are wanting to unwind after a busy day, this can give you 30 minutes to chill out before you enjoy your evening meal and entertainment.

Connecting to Wifi – warn them of the dangers of connecting to Wifi networks when they are out and about, especially if there are not any safety features activated on their mobiles or tablets. Connecting to public Wifi in foreign countries can leave your devices vulnerable to hackers.

Social Media – keep accounts private and make sure any geo-tagging is deactivated. This will make sure only their friends see their posts. There was a lot of talk recently about Snapchat and their geo filter which lets you see people in your vicinity, this could put your child in danger and can be deactivated quite easily. Ensure you show your children how to block people who are not being nice, or they find offensive, and how to report somebody if they feel threatened at all.

A useful tool to help you manage your device security is Kaspersky Security Cloud solution. This can help to protect you and your family from online threats such as viruses, trojans, worms and phishing. Also featuring Safe Money to protect online payments and a Password Manager that can create and store passwords for you, this is useful especially for people like me who often forget passwords, and would save the hassle of resetting passwords on a regular basis. Kaspersky Security Cloud Family package allows you to link up to 20 accounts so that you can monitor or restrict each one, alerting the main account when a questionable site has been accessed. One of the features I find useful is the ability to lock out identity thieves whilst on Wifi in public areas, a great idea especially when on holiday abroad and with the Security Cloud being Cloud based it does not take up too much memory on mobile devices which can free up a lot of space for other items.

Armed with lots of useful tips and a security package for all your devices in one place, it is possible to make the online world as safe as possible for our children.

This is a collaborative post.

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