Urban Armor Gear Ipad Pro 9.7inch Case Review

18 August 2017

After recently buying a Ipad Pro I wanted to make sure it was adequately protected, after all when you have previously smashed the screen on your Ipad and ended up out of pocket I didn’t want a repeat episode with my new tablet.

I have heard good things about the Urban Armor Gear range, so decided to put them to the test. Bearing in mind, I carry my Ipad Pro around a lot during the week and weekend, I need a cover that is light and also provide protection, allowing me full functionality of my device.

  • Feather-light composite construction
  • Impact resistant soft core
  • Tactile grip
  • Smart cover/keyboard compatible
  • Easy access to touchscreen and ports
  • Adjustable and detachable stand
  • Apple pencil holder
  • Meets military drop test standards
I found the case fitted the Ipad Pro perfectly with no gaps and once closed it is secured with a magnetic flap, this then puts the Ipad Pro in to sleep mode. Audio quality is clear and unaffected by the case. My Ipad Pro was much easier to handle once in the case, as before it did tend to be quite slippery, especially when on my knee.

I love how the Urban Armor Gear case covers all the edges, giving added protection and security if dropped, although hopefully this time I will not be putting it to the test. The case feels sturdy and even has a pencil holder for my Apple pen (which I was forever losing) and the stand allows me to use the Ipad Pro in a number of positions thanks to the adjustable stand.

Although I rarely use my keyboard, the case is compatible and it is good know that the option is there if needed. All in all, the Urban Armor Gear case provides me with all the functions I would expect and need, to use my tablet on a daily basis. I am no longer scared to carry it around with me and when my daughter wants to borrow it, my mind is more at ease that it will not come back broken.

You can buy the Urban Armor Gear case in 3 colours, red, cobalt or black and they retail for around £44.99. Available from Case Hut and Amazon.


  1. That case looks good like that its keyboard compatible and fits well.

  2. Oh I need this! Our iPad definitely needs a new case. Will hunt this one down :)

  3. This looks like a good strong case. Ours definitely needs something like this the number of times it gets dropped and battered!

  4. Looks tough. Just what you need when your 6 year old gets hold of your ipad!

  5. This sounds great. I have been on the lookout for a new case for a while. My little girls tablet broke and she has been using mine so i really need to get a case for it as soon as. 😊

  6. Oh this looks great! We always look for sturdy cases that the kids can't break, this looks indestructible!

  7. This looks exactly what we need as my daughter is a bit heavy handed with our tablets!

  8. This looks great. We will be taking out iPad on our travel and will need a good case to protect it while on the move.

  9. My Kindle Fire leather case is falling apart so need a new one to protect it from the children! This one looks great

  10. This looks like just what I need. We are forever dropping iPads and one of these days it won't survive.


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