Pure Pet Food - Marlow's Choice

24 August 2017

As you may all have seen from time to time on social media we have a bouncy young Springer Spaniel called Marlow. Marlow is part of our family, not just a dog, somebody we talk to, pamper, and show affection and love. In his short life, he has had two medical emergencies, one hip removal through jumping over a wall and falling down a drop, and the other was through a grass seed infection and itchy skin. His trials and tribulations have made us love him even more, but his pickiness over food was becoming a real issue for us. One day he would eat something and the next day refuse it, changing his diet regularly has proved frustrating and obviously not what is recommended.

Pure Pet Food recently got in touch to see if Marlow would like to try Pure and I jumped at the chance, may be this would be the food for him? Pure Pet Food is made by dehydrating natural and human grade ingredients, locking in nutrients and goodness whilst preserving them. Each pack of Pure Food contains fresh fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, which when water is added, rehydrates and provides your dog with a complete food.

Marlow was sent the Chicken Delicious, especially good for fussy dogs, puppies, raw feeders, sensitive skin, tearstains and weight gain. The ingredient list consists of chicken 40%, egg 5%, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, apple, cabbage, green beans and minerals. It does not contain any artificial flavours or meat by products. This all sounds delicious but what would Marlow think?

As you can see from my video, Marlow could not wait to taste test the food, in fact, I have never seen him so eager to get at his bowl. 10 days on and he is still as eager to eat the Chicken Delicious as the first time I gave it him. We have also seen a huge improvement in his itching, he seems to have a reduced sensitivity to allergens. For now, Marlow seems quite happy with his diet but if for any reason he changes his mind, we can always try him on one of Pure Pet Foods other varieties below.
  • Turkey Terrific
  • Chicken Dinner
  • Duck Delight
  • Fish Supper
  • Chunky Chicken
Pure Pet Food can be bought online and if you follow my link, you can purchase a starter pack with a 40% reduction in price. If you have a fussy dog or just want a quality dog food without any nasties why not try them, you do not have to take my word for it, Marlow is proof that it tastes good.

We were sent a starter pack free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinion is entirely Marlows.


  1. What a great idea. If I ever get an assistance dog like I'm desperate to have I will look into them for food.

  2. I do not have any pets but glad to hear you've found something that Marlow likes.

  3. Marlow looks like he really enjoys the food. Doc will love this. Then again, he eats anything! ;)

  4. Ooh this sounds great. We have a dog and he is very fussy! Plus he changes his mind from one week to the next!

  5. Good Marlow likes this food. He was so eager to get to that bowl.

  6. It is great that they gave you a discount code and that Marlow loved his food so much that is brilliant x

  7. We have cats - do they do cat versions? Glad Marlow enjoyed his food! x

    1. I think they will be releasing a cat food soon x

  8. Awwww what a cute dog. Looks like he loves his new food

  9. Aw Marlow is adorable! Glad he's loving his food. My dog loves the stuff too! X

  10. We have a very fussy cat. Glad you've found something that Marlow enjoys . We want a dog but Scott hates dogs :( x


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