6 Easy Steps to Sit Comfortably at your Desk

14 August 2017

Working in an office can be risky business and it is not until you stop and look around that you begin to realise why. Employers have a legal duty to complete risk assessments and provide employees with protection and the right equipment to do their job safely. On a personal level, it is important that we are aware of our own surroundings, to ensure the health and safety of our self and colleagues.

Workplace risk assessments are very much concerned with the environment and conditions in which we work. A poor environment and condition can often result in familiar accidents, ie slips, trips, falls and health problems, ie headaches from dazzling lights. 

Adequate Ventilation – Every enclosed workplace should be ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air.

Temperature – Local controls such as opening windows, radiators, fans.

Cleanliness and waste materials – ensure the workplace, furniture and fittings are cleaned to an appropriate level.

Room dimensions and space – all workrooms should have enough free space to enable all activities to be performed safely.

Here are six easy ways to make sure you are sitting comfortably at your desk.
  1. Use an adjustable chair to support your lower back and ensure that it is at the correct height.
  2. Keep under your desk clear from clutter and use a foot rest if you find this more comfortable.
  3. Tilt and adjust your screen to avoid glare, most modern screens can be altered quite easily. 
  4. Your screen should be at arm’s length from you.
  5. The top of the screen should be at eye level.
  6. Have regular breaks by completing different tasks, for example fetch printing, do some photocopying or filing.
Accident Advice Helpline have produced an informative infographic which provides a useful insight in to the risks posed by working in an office and not surprisingly there were over 6,000 manual handling accidents, many of these could possibly have been avoided with a little care and attention from everyone in the workplace. If you see something is broken or a trip hazard then report it to your line manager immediately and try and make the area as safe as possible until the hazard has been dealt with.

If we all took more notice of our surroundings on a daily basis the office could become a lot safer place.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. Fab tips here. I spend hours at my desk and do most of the above. Although I think it's about time I invested in a new chair. I can feel an IKEA trip coming on x

  2. Some great tips here. I'm going to pass onto my friend as she's always saying her desk isn't comfortable etc.

  3. Top advice. Temperature is always a devisive issue in our office!

  4. This is my problem. I tend to slouch and then complain about my back hurting me. I need a proper chair too like the one you mentioned here.

  5. So true! I used to have a very unsupportive chair and my back suffered as a result. Supporting my back seems to be the most important thing :)

  6. I suffer with back problems so have to be careful how I sit - great tips x

  7. You've actually reminded me i need to do risk assessment for our office at work but it is so important to sit comfortably in the office

  8. We are really considering turning our garage into an office / gym so these are some really great things to consider if we decide to go ahead with it.

  9. Some great tips ! I am a serious sloutcher and my neck absoulately kills by the end of an evening

  10. Useful tips here. Taking regular breaks does help massively.

  11. Great tips! I always take regular breaks from my desk and work and go a wander to chat to colleagues.


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