Recycling your Favourite Summer Dress for any Occasion

27 July 2017

We’ve all been there, splurging on an expensive summer dress before realising at the end of August that we’ve only worn it once. Well, never again. There are actually plenty of ways that you can recycle your summer dresses and wear them year-round. Here’s a little list I’ve compiled of multiple ways you can transform your summer wardrobe and get the most from your seasonal investment.

Wear it to a wedding

Summertime is wedding season, so instead of going out and buying a new outfit why not take a look at what you already have. A simple summer dress can be ideal for an outdoor wedding, just add a pair of classy heels and a shawl to create an elegant look. Jewellery can also transform an outfit from casual to formal, so add a chunky necklace to make a fashion statement or ramp up the sophistication of your outfit. Etsy has lots of options for bright, unique jewellery that’s totally summer ready.

On a night out

There’s no reason not to wear that summer dress on a night out, either. With a pair of heels and a clutch bag you can turn that day wear into night without spending any more money. Whether you’re out for a fancy dinner, going to the theatre or even hitting some bars with your girlfriends, there are endless possibilities for that summer dress to get some wear after dark.

Grungy day time look

For a casual everyday look, simply open up your wardrobe and add some of your staple go-to-items. Think converse shoes and a leather biker jacket, or tights and lace-up boots. This look is all about feeling comfortable, so don’t be afraid to add some of your more well-loved items and layer those long necklaces and bangles. There’s a lot of different dress styles that work with this day time outfit, so I would check out Tu’s dress shop and Pinterest if you need more inspiration.


One of my favourite things about summertime is going on holiday with my family and doing a bit of sightseeing. For this on-the-go look, simple throw on a denim jacket and add some casual flats or sandals. You’ll need to be ready for any weather, especially if you’re holidaying in the U.K., so an umbrella is probably a good idea too. Pick one that you can quickly throw into your oversized handbag – another holiday must-have in itself.

Beach days

Last but definitely not least, beach dressing. To transform all your holiday dresses into proper beach attire, all you’ll need are flip flops and suntan lotion. There’s not much else to do in order to complete the look, aside from putting your swimsuit on underneath so you’re ready to hit the water at any moment!

Hopefully you agree that there’s no need to spend a fortune on more than one summer dress. With just a few extra layers and accessories you can switch up your look to suit any destination and occasion.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love recycling my old clothes :)

  2. Great tips! I love treating myself to one extra special dress each season, so I can wear it to special events :)

  3. Lovely photos. Dresses can be surprisingly versatile with the right accessories.

  4. I love these ideas. I am guilty of buying things and only ever wearing them once or twice so I will have to make an effort to wear them more often. X

  5. I do grungy day time and beach days a lot with my dresses. I have learnt how to make going out or occasion dresses look really casual because I love getting a lot of wear out of my clothes. I love your tips and will definitely be trying some more. x

  6. some great ideas here - I'll have to try these x

  7. Fab tips for making the most of your clothes. It's surprising how many different looks you can achieve! x

  8. Some great ideas, will need to try some :)

  9. Love your style tips here. Loving summer fashion at the moment.

  10. I love dressing my clothes up for nights out. Makes it feel like a different outfit

  11. Loving those pictures, I struggle to wear dresses when I am in Mum mode. Always feel like I am going to flash my bum!!


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