5 Ways to Keep your Children Safe in the Park

13 July 2017

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

With schools breaking up for the summer, many parents will be planning days out to the local park. But are they as safe as they could be? Parks and playgrounds are a great way of getting out into the fresh air and can provide endless fun for children whilst encouraging them to make new friends. But quite often they can also result in trips to the local A & E, our children do not see danger so it is up to us to ensure they are as safe as possible. No matter how careful we are, accidents do happen, but there is nothing wrong in keeping an eagle eye out for danger signs. Below are some of my tips that I have learnt through experience.

1. Check the Play Equipment
Slides, swings and climbing frames are great fun but they can be dangerous if not kept in a good state of repair.  Always check if the slide is in direct sunlight as this can lead to burns if you child is wearing limited clothing and check the surrounding area for any sharp objects which they could land on. Climbing frames were one of my children's favourites but keep an eye out for any sharp edges or nails. Ensure your children use the correct swings for their age.

2. Check the Surfacing
A good playground will have suitable soft safety surfacing which can lessen the impact of any falls from the play equipment. The surfacing comes in a variety of colours which can have fun designs and are also porous so there is no accumulation of water so children are less likely to slip.

3. Wear Suitable Clothing
Sturdy shoes and sensible clothing are essential around play equipment and allow children to move freely without restrictions. I can remember Gee getting caught up on the slide whilst wearing a dress, needless to say if we go to the park now she wears leggings, shorts or trousers and definitely no flip flops.

4. Pack a Picnic
There is nothing better than sitting down with a freshly made picnic but make sure it is adequately protected from the heat, ice packs are a good way of keeping everything fresh and safe but if you don't have ice packs then pop the drinks in a freezer for an hour before you go and these will act in the same way. Always ensure you have plenty of drinks if children are running around, they can easily become dehydrated.

5. Sunscreen
Do not forget the sunscreen and remember to reapply if there is a paddling pool. I always keep a handy size sunscreen in the pocket of my handbag that way I never forget.

But most of all get outside and have lots of fun. Children remember these times fondly as they grow up and will reminisce with their own children one day.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. Great tips, I especially like the "wear suitable clothing". Sometimes you see kids in the playground wearing things that may get caught in swings or even slides. Makes me nervous just to watch them play!

  2. These are great tips. I do all this every time we visit a park.

  3. Some fab tips. Especially about the sunscreen, now that it's hot out.

  4. Some great tips here. My kids use to love going to the park when they were younger, a great way to tire them out :)

  5. Great tips. A reminder to be aware is always good, once Matt ran behind the swings and was knocked off his feet, ouch!

  6. It is so important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, which are appropriate for the weather! :)

  7. Yes, to the suitable clothing. Nothing worse than sliding down a boiling hot slide in shorts!!

  8. Great tips! I agree with everyone here, suitable clothing is the key.


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