6 Guilty Pleasure Movies to Persuade the Kids to Watch this Summer

22 June 2017

I’m sure I speak for mums everywhere when I say that planning those long summer days in advance is a good strategy. After all, hearing the dreaded “I’m booooored…” less than two weeks into the summer break is never a good sign.

Roll on summer movie days and the excuse to introduce our little ones to some of those feel-good movies we all like to pretend we’re too old for. Guilty pleasures are what summer days are all about, and after much thought I’ve rounded up six guilty pleasure movie recommendations sure to spark some imagination.

The Princess Bride
A classic in every sense of the word, The Princess Bride is also pretty smart inasmuch as it was one of the first films to poke fun at fairytales on the big screen. One of the biggest highlights has to be the scene with Magic Mike, made all the more hilarious thanks to the cranky ad-libbed antics of Billy Crystal in heavy old-man make-up.

The Harry Potter series
Granted, this is more of a guilty pleasure for us grown-ups than the kids, but we all know J. K. Rowling and co were making these stories as much for us as for the youngsters. The shopaholic in me would love to get stuck into the enchanted boutiques along Diagon Alley, although the next best thing is definitely the Harry Potter experiences offered via the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Something else to plan for the summer holidays, perhaps?

My Favourite Martian
The tale of aliens visiting Earth in human form has been done plenty of times over the years, but we’ve all got a soft spot for the alien if he’s played by Christopher Lloyd. My Favourite Martian is good, cheesy fun filled with some raucous jokes and a wise-cracking spacesuit to boot. Just try not to get jealous watching Uncle Martin the Martian eating all that ice cream after he lands on Earth.

Muppet Treasure Island
Before Mr Depp and his crew sailed onto the scene to make pirates cool again, they were the one genre that Hollywood did its best to avoid. Of course, The Muppets have always done things their own way, and that can definitely be said of their adaptation of the literary classic. Tim Curry has gone on record saying that playing Long John Silver in this film is one of his all-time favourite roles – and that he based the pirate accent on that of his own seafaring granddad.

Galaxy Quest
With all the Star Trek reboot movies doing the rounds, it can be fun to dip into a parody of sci-fi that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Galaxy Quest has a great time throwing around quips and lovingly picking apart some of the biggest cheesy moments in space movies, but it’s also got plenty of heart all on its own.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tim Burton may have portrayed his trademark dark wit in the more recent version of the Roald Dahl book, but few can argue with the loveable brilliance of the vintage original movie. Gene Wilder, a much missed actor, made Willy Wonka spring to life in a way that’s still sparking imaginations even today. I’m sure there’s nobody reading this that wouldn’t relish the chance to tour a chocolate factory – although we might have to make do with Cadbury World for now.

Those are just a few of my favourites, but there are plenty more guilty pleasure movies where those came from. Here’s hoping your summer can be as full of fun in front of the big screen as out and about in the sunshine.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an absolute classic!

  2. I love the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. I'm going to add that to my list of films to introduce my little one to.

  3. oooo Muppets they is one I need to try to get my kids to watch. Loved the Muppets as a kid.

  4. Great choices! I loved Princess Bride as a kid! x

  5. Ahh Charlie and the chocolate factory is one of our favourites!! We haven't seen most of the others, we will have to give them a watch! xx

  6. I still love The Princess Bride. Great choices!

  7. I have not seen my favourite martian, adding that to the list (I love Harry Potter too)

  8. we love movie night and can't beat some of the classics! I enjoy both charlie and the chocolate factorys' and who doesn't love harry potter!

  9. Ah you've picked some amazing films here! Can't beat some classics like The Princess Bride

  10. Fab movie idea for the kids. My niece and nephew would love to watch these.

  11. I think I would indulge into some Harry Potter series as those I love and the others I feel a bit overgrown for them lol but lovely list nonetheless

  12. Yes yes yes! Harry Potter I adore plus the Muppet Treasure Island is one of my favourites!

  13. I've watched Harry Potter and Charlie and Chocolate Factory but not the others

  14. Yes to Harry Potter and my mummy can't wait to introduce me to the whole series when I'm a bit older! You haven't got Goonies on the list! That's our favourite!

  15. We have tried Harry potter but the Tim Burton version of Charlie and the chocolate factory is THE go to movie in our house.
    (Craig helping out)


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