The Terraillon Prime Web Coach Fit Kit

12 May 2017

Terraillon are a leading innovative wellbeing brand who have recently launched the Prime Web Coach Fit Kit.

The kit comprises of a pair of sleek glass scales which are able to monitor you BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass and gives you useful information on your body's composition. The scales have a luxurious feel to them and do not look out of place in the bathroom. It also allows 8 users to have on the scales which is useful for families. The scales take 3 AAA batteries which need to be purchased separately.

The Activi-T band allows you to monitor your steps, sleep quality, both light and deep sleep and calories burned, whilst also telling you the time and having an alarm feature.  Once connected via Bluetooth wirelessly to the Wellness App it gives you a insight in to your daily exercise and diet control recommendations. It completes complete with a USB charger and spare band.

The instructions that arrived with the product were not that clear and I must say that at first I had trouble synchronising the items to the Wellness App but once I had accomplished this, it proved a useful insight tool in helping you to reach a goal. This can be set up beforehand by providing height, weight etc.

The Prime Fit Kit can be purchased from Argos for £99.99.

We were sent this item free of charge for the purpose of the review but the opinion is my own.

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