My Hospital Nightmare

10 May 2017

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Last week was at one of the worst I've had to face in a long time. I had a spinal fusion and decompression surgery for an ongoing back problem which had not improved despite a previous decompression. To say I was feeling emotional and worried about the procedure was an understatement, but I knew it was something I had to face if I wanted to enjoy a normal life again.

The procedure went really well and it wasn't until I was in the High Dependency Unit that problems started. I had a morphine drip in one arm and fluids in the other. My nightmare began that night when semi consciously I was aware a nurse was checking my drip constantly, little did I know at that time that the drip was not being fed into my arm properly. I can remember half waking and thinking that my wedding ring was feeling rather tight, looking at my hand it was plain to see that it was swollen and I removed my wedding ring with a little bit of effort. I informed the nurse who said it possibly was a little swollen. I felt like she was constantly fiddling with the drip and my instinct told me something was not right.

A while later, I was then aware that my gown and bed sheet were wet (no I hadn't had an accident). Things all came to ahead when I needed to go to the toilet, the nurse tried to get me up onto the commode (which was not assembled properly) and therefore was really uncomfortable. I could not use it. At that moment a friendly nursing auxiliary came into the room and I pleaded with her with my eyes that something was wrong.

I should not have been moved, but been given a bedpan at least in the first 24 hours. The saga carried on and the nurse tried to remove my gown, this proved difficult with all the wires that were connected to me, the nursing auxiliary kindly found a pair of scissors and removed the wet gown and changed the bedsheets. It then came to light that my arm had doubled in size as the drip was not installed properly, thank goodness I removed my wedding ring when I felt it getting a little tight. In the process of all these things happening I was so upset I began to vomit and was really worried about the nurse on duty.

At this point I told the nursing auxiliary to get more help, I was so unsure about the care I was given by the nurse in question. Another nurse came and immediately calmed the situation down and thankfully gave me the care I needed. The next morning I was an emotional wreck and couldn't bear the thought of another night with that nurse. Nurses are the backbone of the NHS but this nurse was  an agency nurse whom I felt was incompetent of doing her duty, specialist HDU nurse she wasn't. The mixture of emotions I was feeling were something I would not like anybody else to experience.

I was scared, in pain, and all I wanted was my partner by my side to protect me and care for me. After breaking down to the physio who visited me, she immediately fetched the nurse manager, who assured me that the nurse in question would not be on duty that night and that the two nurses who helped me would be taking care of me.

I am now home battered and bruised, hopefully I will have no adverse effect from the treatment I received that first night. When somebody is so vulnerable and that their lowest point they should not have to under go such horrendous treatment, my only thoughts were, what if I hadn't been semi aware of what was going on around me, things could have been so different.

One week later and I am feeling much more comfortable and am hopeful for a full recovery. Fingers crossed I may even be fully mobile in time for Summer xx


  1. Aww! Bless you! Sending love and hugs. What a horrible time you had. You were vulnerable and needed someone who knew what they were doing. I hope you have a speedy recovery x

    1. Thank you Kim, I am feeling a lot brighter now and looking forward to a speedy recovery. xx


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