4 Easy Family Money Saving Tips

11 February 2017

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Saving money has been at the top of my agenda this year. In January I started to keep a book of family accounts to see where we could save money and I was surprised how much money was sinking in to a black hole. We both work full time so technically we should not be running out of money at the end of the month and on paper I found ways of penny pinching that should allow us to still have little treats but become more frugal in the way we buy.
  1. Supermarkets are specifically designed in to tempting us to spend more than we should, all those tasty treats that are just at the right level to catch our eye but the simplest way of avoiding impulse buying is to write a shopping list. By going through your cupboards and only buying what you really need, you can easily save £20-£30 a week.  I have managed to reduce my weekly food shop by this amount just by simply planning ahead.
  2. Gee loves books and magazines, we would often pick one up each week whilst in the Supermarket. Instead we are making use of her library card and borrowing, this is such a great way of encouraging reading as there is such a wide range to choose from.  You can also borrow DVDs for movie nights at a small cost. This alone has saved us around £5 per week.
  3. Instead of spending money on expensive days out, pack a picnic and explore what the countryside as to offer. Yes I know it is winter but the cold never hurt anyone if you are wrapped up warm and you can always eat the picnic in the car. A good way of making this more fun is to create a list of things to spot, from wildlife to trees there is always something wonderful out there.
  4. Finally we look at that old say "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". As a family we have started saving any loose change, if something I want to buy costs £1.49, I put the other 51p in a pot. This is our rainy day fund and will be used to purchase the occasional treat or necessity.
If you need finance for something unexpected or in an emergency then Quick Loans can be considered but obviously make sure you read the small print and know exactly what payments to expect.  These can be useful for anybody who needs a quick cash injection but only in the short term.

Have you any frugal tips that you can add? I would love to hear them and try and save more money in the future.

This is a collaborative post.

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