My Top 8 Tips for Decorating

6 January 2017

Photo courtesy of William Felker - Unsplash

It is coming to the time of year when I like to spruce up the décor in our home. After removing the Christmas trimmings everything seems so dull, I find it the perfect opportunity for a spot of DIY, and what better way than updating the paintwork and colour scheme.

I have learnt over time that preparation before hand, although time consuming, can have a huge impact on the finished result. Gone are the days when I would happily slap a coat of paint over the walls, instead I now wash the areas down prior to painting and prepare the surfaces around the room to prevent spillage and splashes on soft furnishings.
  1. Move all furniture into the middle of the room if possible.
  2. Take down curtains and have dry-cleaned.
  3. Remove lampshades or light fittings.
  4. Lay down sheets to cover furniture and plastic sheeting from Simply Plastics to cover carpeted areas.
  5. Remove any picture hooks and nails from the wall.
  6. Fill any cracks/holes and sand down once the filler has dried.
  7. Wash down the ceiling, walls and skirting boards with a sugar soap solution.
  8. Use painting tape around windows/plug sockets etc. This gives a nice crisp line once finished without any overlap on to the window or sockets itself.
If you are painting over a dark colour then use a primer beforehand (I have made the mistake of just painting over dark colours and it costs more in the end).

Photo Courtesy of Breather - Unsplash

Once you have all your painting equipment at the ready and you have completed the tasks above, you can start on the painting. Personally, I start with the ceiling, then move on to the gloss work and then finish with the walls. I do not think there is a right or wrong way; it all comes down to personal preference. I just can't wait to have pristine white walls again.

Hopefully by following these simple steps your decorating will become a breeze. Do you have any useful tips when decorating?

Written in collaboration with Simply Plastics

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  1. Spencer Broadley12 January 2017 at 08:08

    Good tips. My tip is probably obvious but always do any glossing first (eg skirting boards). Then when the gloss dries do the emulsion on the walls - that means that if any emulsion gets on the gloss it is easily just wiped off - but if gloss gets onto emulsion then it is much harder to rectify


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