Let's Talk about Sex - Sensual Gifts for Valentines Day (sensitive information)

9 January 2017

I've thought long and hard about writing this, but I thought with a bit of humour it might brighten someone's day. For me sex has improved as I've grown older, no more fumbling about and with a man who knows how to please, it is certainly a lot more enjoyable and memorable.

My first experience was a disaster, the sex wasn't good and I ended up covered in midge bites. I mean who tries to have sex in a hay making field in the middle of summer? The second time wasn't much better as we were caught in the act by his parents. So I kind of thought sex was over rated and gave it a miss for a while, needless to say this relationship did not last long.

I then met the man who was to become my first husband, sex was ok as long as it was nothing adventurous, but it was an improvement on my first attempts.  In hindsight I think we were both young and still finding our way in the world of sexual pleasure, innocent and trying to get things right. We had three boys together so his gun must of been firing live ammunition.  Sadly our relationship did not last, he went off with somebody at work, so may be I just didn't do it for him.  We are still friends and I do not blame him for the relationship breakdown, we were so young.

When I arrived in my late 20's early 30's I started to appreciate a good sex life and it wasn't until I met my hubbie that I can honestly say we can achieve true satisfaction. I'm hoping he does not read this because his head will swell even more. Don't get me wrong he is no angel but he always puts my needs first, something that I had never experienced before. It was him that introduced me to sex toys, I was horrified, but have since realised it is about having fun with your partner and keeping the spice alive.

When I received an email about the  O'Wand I was curious, the video which accompanied the email made me laugh so much, I just had to let you see it.  I can just imagine this happening at the WI but obviously not the one in our village or may be they would.

Now I am not going to go in to details because if you are interested you can find all the information you need on the O'Wand website.

Or if you like something more discreet then So Divine have some small bullet toys especially for Valentine's Day with names like French Kiss and Thinkin Bout You, I am sure they do not need any explanation.

I think one of the most exciting finds has to be the new In2mate naturally rejuvenating and reparative intimate skincare range. As our body ages, intimate skin is affected like other areas and these are a great way of repairing, detoxifying and lubricating delicate skin.

So there we have it, a few things off my chest and I don't know what reaction I will get and really I'm not bothered.  A woman should be able to discuss intimate things without all the whispers and shushing.

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