Are Celebrities Paid Too Much for Reality TV

18 November 2016

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Are you a fan of Reality TV? I must admit I am slightly addicted to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  The other night when Adam had to go in to the hut with the spiders, I sat cringing and could not help but feel sorry for him, willing him on to conker his fear. I could actually imagine the emotions he was going through and I know for sure that I could not have stayed in that hut.

Celebrities often show a more vulnerable side when appearing in reality shows, a side that we do not often see when they are acting a role in daily life.  So what is it that intrigues us most about celebrities? On screen they often portray characters in soaps or are legends in their chosen sport but in reality TV we are seeing them as their self.  Is this why we watch them? Or are we just the nosey public, waiting until some dirty secret is revealed, after all they cannot keep up the pretence when they are monitored so closely day and night.

Does the humiliation celebrities suffer come with a price tag and is it worth it financially to them?Celebrities are paid huge amounts of money to appear in these shows, whether its Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity they do not appear for nothing.  Cash Lady have produced an infographic on how much each celebrity will earn from appearing in one of these shows and I admit I was quite surprised at the amount of money that is exchanged.  You can read more about it here.

Whilst all celebrities receive a hefty fee for appearing on I'm a Celebrity, charities also benefit as sums of money are donated to charities of the star's choosing.  Big Brother celebrities receive undisclosed five and six figure sums, whilst Strictly Come Dancing stars are given increasing amounts as they progress in the show.

So would you appear in a reality TV show for money?  I'm a Celebrity does not appeal to me, but I would definitely love to dance and Strictly Come Dancing has to be one of my favourites at the moment. Although with my two left feet it would certainly be entertaining.

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  1. I must admit I won't watch I'm A Celebrity due to my own fear of spiders, there is no amount of money that they could offer me to appear on that but like yourself I am a huge fan of Strictly and would jump at the chance to be swung around under the glitter ball. Let's face it, I can't be any worse than Ed Balls.

  2. I like to watch Reality TV because that's the way I can see the tru character of my favorite celebs. Well, maybe not totally true, but more real. But I agree, sometimes they suffer too much. It's not so great/ I think scenario writers should check reviews on Rephraser and purchase there some ideas for theirs shows.


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