Increase Your Health & Wellbeing in the Office #OfficeYoga

31 October 2016

Working in an office can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.  Sitting at a desk too long and not taking regular breaks has been proven to be detrimental to your health. Eating the wrong foods and not drinking enough water will also have an adverse effect on your body.

Simple adaptions to your daily routine can help to compensate the negative effects an office environment can have on your health.  Giving your eyes regular breaks from any screen work can reduce systems such as dry eyes and drinking plenty of water is good,  as this reduces dehydration, yes even I like a caffeine fix but it isn't really recommended all of the time.

Recent news showed that office workers need to exercise for an hour a day and whilst it may not be possible to go out jogging or attend the gym in the daytime, you could always try #OfficeYoga.  Office Yoga along with good office chairs from Furniture at Work can have great benefits.  I know from experience how important a good chair is,  especially if you have musculoskeletal problems. I have suffered with back problems for the last 18 months and I am sure it is down to workspace and posture.

Yoga is the perfect low impact exercise to help reduce stress and tension and help to increase your flexibility, whilst also reducing fatigue.  The simple exercises in the above video can be performed whilst sitting at your desk and for more fun why not try involving all your work colleagues, these short exercises could help to increase productivity and moral.

Of course it is also important to complete a yearly risk assessment of your workspace.  This will highlight any areas that need changing within your work environment including computer height, chair settings, light and environmental issues.

Do you have any further tips for working in an office that would be useful?

This post is a collaboration.


  1. Keep hydrated and never skip meals - it makes being active a lot more worthwhile!


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