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21 September 2016

Today I have an inspirational post for you from Amy at Purely Amy on what this photo means to her. 

We take things for granted, that's for certain.

Life especially, I think we get to a point in life where we start to regret things we haven't done or achieved. Not my nan, she's a power-house. She's never really spoken about her life, not naming her achievements but she shows her love of her family and I think that's a huge achievement for her. She has never taken anything in her life for granted, making sure every moment she spends with me and my siblings was the best time. Filling it full of memories.

I have definitely been taking things for granted. The worst thing for me right now is taking my Nan for granted, since she's been so amazing with sharing her life with me, I really don't think I've done enough in the past years to do the same for her. She's in her late 80's now and has just recently (the past 5 months or so) been suffering with the symptoms of Alzheimers. It's only just hitting home that we're losing her but I don't think I'll get into that just yet, maybe another time, on my blog. It's only now that we, or at least I, have started understanding that she won't be herself anymore.

We're already losing her, day by day and I think it's this picture in particular that reminds me of everything we've ever done together, who she is, or was, as a person. As my Nan.

This picture means the world to me. In conversation about grandparents or even just thinking about her in day-to-day life. I don't think of her face, I think of this picture.

She's with my dad her, it looks like a deep conversation but knowing them both you can see what she's hiding. She has this look on her face, as though she's hiding a smile. It could be the most serious conversation in the world but if there are kids around she'll pull faces and make everyone feel involved. Sometimes just for her own amusement!

That's her to a Tee, she's a very strong woman is my nan. Very prim and proper, she should've been a teacher. She would keep us in a routine, enforce cleaning and house hold rules, but we never felt unhappy. Everything was fun when we were growing up. She was an absolute riot when she was with family or at home, honestly the most entertaining and energetic 60-88-year-old you will ever meet.

This picture was taken when I was around 12 years old. We had been taking her to
Butlins since I was around 6 and at the time of this picture it was probably one of the last times we could take her. Perhaps 2 or 3 times a year we'd take an hour drive to her house and then a four-hour drive to see Mr Butlins, those were the years. We'd have an apartment with nan by ourselves and mom and dad would get there own (I understand why now). I don't remember much of what we did, whilst away, only that each morning I would wake up early and sneak into her room for a morning cuddle and some fruit before heading off for our breakfast.

Eventually the walking and long drives became too hard for her and our family holidays weren't the same without her with us. We still have those memories and this photograph reminds me that she was a very active woman, even with young children she was running around and swimming way into her 80's. More than that though she was never angry or upset with being around 3 very young children, I never once felt like she was frustrated with us. She never displayed anything other than love, all equal!

This photo really sums her up, she is a modest woman. Standing in a theme park without her walking stick because she wants to keep the kids happy. Screw how tired she must've been, we went on those roller coasters until we were dizzy.

National Grandparents day has been and gone, but why isn't every day a celebration of your loved ones? Do you have a favourite photo of a loved one? What memories does it bring back?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with my readers Amy.   I think you will agree her Nan sounds like a really special lady. If you would like to say hello to Amy on her social media sites you can find her on twitter, facebook and pinterest.


  1. I didn't even know it was National Grandparents day! This is a lovely tribute to your nan. I was close to my maternal grandmother too, but she died when I was ten :(

  2. I think it's an excellent idea to have National Grandparent day. My grandad was lovely, but sadly taken too soon I have a photo of me with him I treasure

  3. What a lovely tribute to your nan! I was very close to my grandfather who passed away quite a while ago. Your post reminded me all the nice moments we had together.

  4. Aww, bless. It is so hard to see you grandparents going through something like this. My grandmas and granddads have all passed away now, I still get sad when I look at old pictures :(

  5. I didn't know about this National day but think it's awesome. I'm sorry to hear about your nanny, it's sad but as you said she's filled it with lots of great memories already. I feel the same about my nan approaching 80 as I want to offer her my time, much more than I am at the moment. Great photo and thanks for the awareness :)

  6. What a fab tribute. We do tend to take our loved ones for granted most times.

  7. This is such a great tribute and what an amazing lady she sounds x

  8. We don't celebrate National Grandparents Day, we made a fuss of them loads when they were alive though

  9. I didn't know about National Grandparents Day either. Mine are all long gone but my kids still have all their grandparents. That's heartbreaking about your gran. She sounds like a great lady.

  10. I wasn't aware it was National Grandparents day. My last one died last year but my parents are still there for my children which is lovely.

  11. Aww lovely to look back on this. So sorry to hear she is suffering with Alzheimer's. I have a picture with my great nan who has died now but I love how thought provoking it is when I look at it x

  12. Being grateful for parents/grandparents is something that a lot of people realise far too late in life. I'm sorry to hear your grandma has alzheimer's, I hope you make the most of your time left with her. She is lucky to have such a lovely granddaughter!

  13. Amy has definitely hit the nail on the head, we do take things and people sometimes for granted and most cases its not until we lose it that we wake up but its nice to wake up before its gone.


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