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20 July 2016

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Can you believe the summer holidays are here once again, it doesn't seem 5 minutes since I was taking the Christmas decorations down.  Throughout the summer we tend to use our car on longer journeys, whether it is a holiday to the seaside or a day trip to the zoo, it is advisable to check your car on a regular basis and try and avoid any breakdowns.

Check the car
The last thing you want is the whole family stranded at the roadside, so make sure your MOT is up to date and the oil and water are topped up. Tyres should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that the tread depth is at least the minimum requirement.  Point S UK offer a tyre service online using a simple search function you can select your tyres and have them fitted at a branch of your choice.

Maps and/or Sat Nav
It is important to plan your route well in advance and although Sat Navs have taken over from Maps more or less, it is really useful to have a good road map in the boot for back up.

Always allow plenty of time.  If you need to get there by a certain time then set off well in advance, traffic can be a bit of a nightmare at this time of year. 

Entertainment for Children
Let the children choose their own games to bring in a backpack, along with some DVDs they’ve been waiting to see. An in-car DVD player can be invaluable on a long car journey as can an IPad.

Make sure you pack a variety of healthy snacks and satisfying meals for the journey, and take plenty: a car full of hungry people is not a happy car. In particular, try to bring foods that will not generate lots of mess, like dried fruit or vegetable sticks. Pack some sweet treats too, as rewards for good behaviour.

If the weather is good, a picnic offers a nice breath of fresh air along the way and is much cheaper than eating in service stations.

Cool bag
Cool bags are not just for summer. Pack a lot of cold drinks, plenty of water and juices (some frozen to make them last even longer) - a can of warm fizzy drink is not very refreshing.

Have a regular break
A stop at least every two hours is advisable. Don’t wait until everyone in the back starts whining. Things will be more relaxing if you pre-empt toilet breaks, rather than grudgingly concede to them.

By following this advice you could have a great journey, with lots of fun along the way!

This post is written in collaboration with PointS.


  1. Such useful tips especially since you're right about families doing loads of day trips during the summer break. We do take food and also do loads of breaks, especially since my daughter is an expert whinger ;)

  2. Useful tips some of these will be so helpful For when we go away entertainment for my son on the plane is so important.

  3. Great tips. We always check our car thoroughly before heading off.

  4. Fab tips! Hubby being a mechanic always comes in handy for giving the car the once over :)

  5. Wow..fabulous tips..Entertainment for children is necessary..

  6. Great tips, enjoy your summer adventures. I totally agree that it only seems five minutes since Christmas x

  7. Oh yes, I agree with the regular toilet breaks. No fun when no where near an exit and you hear: "I need a wee!" xxx

  8. We always check the car before driving long distance. And a sat navy or map is definitely a given but luckily most smart phones have one these days too x

  9. Great tips, i always check our car before going on a long journey and check the tyres every time I am filling up with petrol x

  10. Such a great list of tips. We always check our car before travelling and ensure we have plenty of food and entertainment!

  11. Regular breaks are so important, even if you are doing short distances in my view x

  12. Entertainment for the kids is vital - nothing worse than WW3 in the back of the car!


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