Sony Xperia X Smartphone

17 July 2016

To say I was a little excited to receive the new Sony Xperia X Smartphone is an understatement and on opening the box I was not disappointed.  The Xperia X has a sleek stylish design with curved glass corners and a 5 inch HD display. It also fits perfectly in your hand making it super comfy to hold. The Xperia X takes a nano sim card and has 32gb memory but also accepts a microSD card to extend the memory.  The phone is supplied with a charger which when plugged in, can give you 5.5hours of charge in 10 minutes.

A Double Rainbow

Setting up the phone was relatively simple, even for me, but I must say that my old phone is a Sony as well, so this could have made it easier for me. The nano sim required and microSD card fit snugly in to the same holder on the left hand side of the phone which is a little fiddly to remove but once you have inserted them, they shouldn't need to be removed on a regular basis.  On the right hand side of your phone is the power button complete with finger print sensor to unlock your phone, volume control and camera key.  Once I had charged the phone, it was time to set it up.

Hurray for the Sun

I used the Xperia transfer app on both my old phone and new phone, and by following the instructions it proved really easy to upload and download all my content. I found this to be an efficient way of not losing any of my photos and data and it only took about 30 minutes.  Like a lot of modern phones it is also equipped with NFC (near fields communication) to enable you to share data with other devices, this can be useful for sharing videos and photos with family.

Taking a Break

The Xperia X has a 23MP camera with Predictive Hybrid Autofocus making it great for capturing moving objects using the autofocus feature. It also has a 13MP forward facing camera for selfies.  The camera button can be set for quick launch which can be ready to take photos in 0.6 seconds.  A low light feature is really useful especially for indoors and the early evening.

A Babbling Brook

The User Interface is easy to navigate and you can move the apps you use most on to the home screen as with other mobiles.  I did find you could have several apps open at once without slowing the phone down, this is useful when I am in and out of emails and contacts.  I especially love the Notes app where I can create notes and lists, great for keeping lists and useful for blogging and reminders.  So far I have used the phone for calls, messaging, social media and photograpy, but I am still learning and something new seems to jump out at me everyday.

A Lizard in the Peak District

Sony have been challenging people to capture their X moments on twitter and we have had endless fun snapping away and trying to find our own X moments.  From beautiful double rainbows to a lizard basking in the first day of sunshine, there are so many memorable moments that you can capture and share.  If you have your own X moment that you want to share on twitter then please use the #WhatsYourX hashtag.

As you can probably tell I do love this phone.  The camera is definitely an improvement on my old Sony and I love that I can capture images that are moving in a moment.  None of the photos on my blog post are edited and I think the colour and quality of these images are fabulous.  For the last couple of weeks I have not used my camera and the majority of the images I have taken have been great.

I also like the option to turn on the power saving modes, such a useful feature, especially for social media addicts.  With the battery supposedly lasting two days on a full charge I don't think this takes in to account people who are active on social media for any length of time and find I have to charge the Xperia X every night.

I think that the speaker quality on the Xperia X is an improvement on my older Sony phone, when it is on loud speaker the sound does not sound distorted and music sounds great on it too.  I am really looking forward to trying the video option on the phone, this could be interesting as I'm no producer.

Overall, I will definitely continue using the Xperia X.  I have the phone in Rose Gold, which is such a lovely colour and it is also available in Lime Gold, White and Graphite Black.  Available from Sony the RRP for the Xperia X is £459.99.

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  1. My other half used to love his sony experia. The charging time is amazing...perfect for me and the app that lets you swap your info is a great idea x

  2. I can't imagine ever changing my iPhone but this sounds like a good choice. The photo quality looks amazing.

  3. Phone cameras are so great these days. I have to admit that I don't take my Canon out as much as I used to because my phone takes fab pictures.

  4. this sounds great and the camera is perfect for impromptu snaps. Mt HTC needs an upgrade soon so will check this out

  5. I have heard a lot about this phone. Sounds really good.

  6. I recently discovered Sony phones when I was given one for work use. I was a bit disappointed at first as really wanted a new iPhone but so far really loving mine too. The camera quality is great!

  7. I got this camera for exactly the reason of the camera, it's such a great one and perfect for when you don't want to lug around an SLR or compact camera as well x

  8. The photos taken are amazing, Sony have come on a long way with their phones in recent years x

  9. Oh wow, such beautiful images captured, I love my iphone but I wouldn't mind upgrading to the xperia phone for pictures

  10. The camera on this is pretty amazing, love the photographs you have taken.

  11. I haven't moved away from Apple for years but if I were to, I would definitely look at this phone for the superb camera quality alone! xxx

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