Mountain Bike Essentials from Camden Gear

8 July 2016

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

For a while now hubbie has been looking at ways of improving his fitness levels and with his new found love for mountain biking, there is nothing quite like hitting the open roads in the countryside. Not only does he find it a great way to get fit but it also helps to relieve the stresses of the day. 

The kind folk over at Camden Gear kindly sent him some great Bike Lights which are ultra bright and will make sure he his seen by other users of the road.  The lights are made out of aluminium alloy and are durable in all weather conditions and are designed to clip on to the handle bar and rear bar with a mounting bracket and clip.  Hubbie says the great thing about the front light is that you can take it out of the bracket and use it as a torch and with variable modes (full beam, low beam or flashing) and it's a great bit of kit.  The lights are available from Amazon priced £19.99.

He also received the Camden Gear Backpack which is superb for carrying all the gear he needs when he is going out all day.  The Backpack has multiple pockets and is water resistant too, ideal for holding his water, phone, bike equipment in case of that unexpected puncture and a packable raincoat just to be prepared for the great British weather.  Hubbie says the bag is so comfy to wear as it has padded straps and also fastenings at the front of the chest too, meaning it won't slip off.  The Backpack can also be bought on Amazon priced at £22.99.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinions are entirely our own.

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