Favourite Films for the Holidays

28 July 2016

Whether you are staying at home, holidaying in the UK or venturing further afield it is a great idea to take your favourite movies with you. We usually take our IPad for watching movies whilst travelling, this can aid a quieter squabble free journey, especially if the children have got bored of the usual travelling games.   Movies are also a great way of keeping the children occupied in the evening, especially if you would like a bit of peace and quiet after a hectic day. 

I usually download films prior to going away so that they are available from the start of our journey.  Warner Brothers have some great movies to choose from this summer at WBSummer on ITunes, below is some of our all time favourites.
  • Heart of the Sea - based around the whaling ship the Essex and a rather large whale, cinema rating 12A.
  • 33 - the story of 33 miners stuck underground in a Chilean mine collapse, cinema rating 12A.
  • Topgun - another oldie with a fabulous soundtrack, cinema rating 12.
  • Pan - the story of an orphan who is whisked away to Neverland, cinema rating PG.
  • Intern - Robert De Niro plays a retired widower and Anne Hathaway plays an internet clothing company owner, cinema rating 12A.
  • Lego Movies - great animated film ideal for children and adults a like, cinema rating U.
  • Ghost - need I say more, just love the soundtrack, cinema rating 15.
Not only is it useful for the children, but when they are all tucked up in bed at night there is nothing better than having a movie night of your own accompanied by a nice glass of wine.  What film is on your must list this summer?

We were sent a selection of films for the purpose of this post.


  1. I love watching films downloading them is a good idea.

  2. Great list, there's a couple I haven't seen so will definitely be checking them out! <3

  3. We've just recently watched Heart of the Sea, I thought for awhile that it was going to be one of those long boring movies, but it was amazing! Even T enjoyed it. Definitely a must-see :)

  4. I also enjoy watching movies at home during this period and glad that we can download most of the movies now in the internet. By the way, i like the Lego movie. Feeling young again

  5. We love watching movies together as a family. Top Gun and Ghosts are one of our favourite movies of all time! :)

  6. Some great films here!! My kids love Lego movies :)

  7. Bookmarking these to refer to later. We are always in need of good movies.

  8. I love Topgun and Ghost they are classics that are perfect for holiday viewing x

  9. If and when I remember I do download movies but mostly end up streaming on my tablet or just read.


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