Water Enhancers from Stur

11 June 2016

When I was contacted by the lovely people at Stur to see if we would like to try some of their water enhancers how could I say no.  Last week I was kindly sent a pack of their new Berry Delicious water enhancers and I was looking forward to a change of refreshment. Gee is not fond of squash or fizzy drinks and I thought these may be a pleasant change to her usual water or milk. The water enhancers are available in different flavours and we were sent the first three:
  • Strawberry and Watermelon
  • Blueberry and Blackberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Coconut and Lime
  • Coconut and Pineapple
  • Real Brewed Tea and Lemon
  • Real Brewed Tea and Peach
Stur Drinks are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain no additives or preservatives. They are calorie free and are only slightly sweetened with natural stevia plant extract.  The Stur website has some fabulous ideas for cocktails and lots of useful information, it is definitely worth a visit.  Each capsule provides around 30 drinks and retails at around £3.49 which is good value for a healthy drink.

So what did Gee think? She really liked them and said they weren’t too sweet and sickly like some juice, we even made some lollipops with the enhancers and these were fab. For me I found them easy to pop in my bag for work to flavour my water from the drinks fountain, it definitely makes a refreshing change.

We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinion is entirely our own.


  1. I remember having packets of fizz like this as a kid. You added it and then mixed it up with a swizzle stick! Unlike these, though, they had no nutritional value whatsoever. These look much better!

  2. I've never heard of these but they sound pretty good, will keep my eye out for them!

  3. They sound like a delicious alternative to sugary drinks

  4. These sound good. Will have to keep an eye out for them :)

  5. These look like they would taste good. I would love to try it.

  6. Cool, I've never come across these before but seems like they're a great alternative :)

    Alina | DIY home blogger UK


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