Solve the Ink Problem with HP Instant Ink

1 April 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to think about replacing the ink cartridges in your printer? I cannot remember the amount of times I have sent a document to print and the lights start flashing to tell me I am low on ink, this really is one of my pet hates, but with the new HP Instant Ink service this should never happen again.

HP Instant Ink service is available for eligible printers and once you have purchased a HP printer, you can then join one of their monthly plans. There are three plans to choose from:
  • Occasional Printing £1.99 per month – for up to 50 pages per month, don’t worry if you print less because the remainder of the pages will be carried forward to the next month.
  • Moderate Printing £3.49 per month – for up to 100 pages per month and carry over of unused pages.
  • Frequent Printing £7.99 per month – for up to 300 pages per month and carry over of unused pages.
So how does it work? The printer connects to the internet to let HP know when you will need more ink. The ink cartridges will be delivered to your door before you run out of ink and all delivery charges are included in the monthly plan. It doesn’t matter whether you print a lot of colour or just plain black and white the price is still the same. You will also receive an envelope to send the empty cartridges back in.

Now I have started studying for my degree this will be really useful, the last thing I need when printing off an assignment is to run out of ink, and with a daughter who loves to print off her colourful creations it can be difficult to predict how much ink is left. It makes sense to take some of the stress out of my life. Could this idea help you?

This post is written in collaboration with HP.

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