Vaping with Shoreditch

20 March 2016

I have been trying to stop smoking for years and have failed on many occasions due to lack of willpower. Shoreditch kindly sent me a premium vaping starter kit to try out along with a lovely smelling Getting Fruity flavour liquid which I hope will lead me away from the taste of normal cigarettes and some normal tobacco liquid just in case. Whilst I would love to stop smoking altogether this is not an option for me at the minute and my thoughts are, that this has got to be an healthier option for the meantime, who knows in the future I may stop altogether.

The Shoreditch Two vaping pen is really easy to use and set up. You charge it up with the included USB charger supplied, the led light on the vaping pen changes colour when it is ready to be used. Why is this vaping pen different to anything else I have tried? Well I love that it is slimline and sleek, a lot of models do not account for women and I feel that it is more feminine than a lot of the models I have seen. Safety is a major point with vaping pens and Shoreditch have a five point safety protection system to avoid short circuits, overcharging or burnout which is good to know. The Shoreditch Two pen can be bought for £19.99.

Shoreditch offer 21 flavours and 3 nicotine strengths of liquid, all manufactured in the UK, priced at £3.33 a bottle through a regular delivery service but you do not have any contract or commitment, being able to change or cancel orders in your account at anytime. All orders received before 1pm are processed the dispatched the same day via 1st class mail The liquids are sent out in a handy box which fits through your letterbox so there is no waiting in for parcels either.

All in all I have had a successful start to my vaping experience and although nothing is 100% safe it is certainly a lot safer than cigarettes. Vaping is now acknowledged as being an healthier option so hopefully I won’t fall back on the cigarettes this time.

I was supplied with the above products for the purpose of this review but the opinion is my own.


  1. Good luck with stopping smoking. I managed to with an e-cig x

    1. Thanks Kim, it is encouraging to know you had a good success x


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