Easter Treats for All the Family

1 March 2016

I love Easter, from the baby lambs cavorting in the fields, buds on the trees and flowers starting to bloom there is so much to be thankful for. Easter gifts to me are a thank you for being in my life and making each day wonderful. I have put together a Easter Gift Guide which has something for everyone.

For Hubbie the Haribo addict
Haribo are one of his favourite treats and especially for Easter they have introduced Jelly Bunnies, Chick ‘n’ Mix, Fizzy Farm Animals and Spring Time Friends. Also in the range is a Easter Hunt bucket which is ideal for sharing with friends, Gee is so eggcited about this and is busy planning her egg trail ready for Easter Sunday.

For Gee who hasn’t got a sweet tooth
A Wentworth Easter Bunny shaped wooden micro puzzle is an ideal alternative to chocolate and this little bunny is super cute. We love puzzles because they can be used time and time again, something to treasure after all the chocolate is gone. Priced at £7.25 from Wentworth Puzzles.

For my Vegan friend
Holland and Barrett have a lovely selection of eggs and chocolate that is suitable for children and adults who do not eat dairy. The Dairy Free Egg £3.99, No Added Sugar Egg £4.99, Moo Free Original Egg £4.99 and rather adorable Cocoa Libre Dairy Free Chicks £4.69. I will definitely be purchasing one or two as she is really special to me.

For my Mum in Law
I love to give my mum in law a treat for all the help and support she has given us over the years. The perfect egg for her is the Elizabeth Shaw’s Famous Names, Whisky Collection egg, it includes 8 of the finest liqueur chocolates such as Drambuie and Grants whisky. I am sure this will be a huge hit with her this year. Priced at £10 it is available from Asda, Waitrose and Ocado.

Cadburys Easter Range
Last but by no means least is the fabulous range from Cadbury. Amongst the new products are the Dairy Milk Oreo minis - a new favourite of mine, a hollow Easter Bunny, 5 mini bunnies, Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon - 4 small eggs all filled with a delicious chocolate mousse, mini Diam eggs, - these are very moreish, a spring edition chocolate bar with white chocolate bunnies on and my all time favourite Mini Eggs. In fact there are so many options to choose from I won’t know where to start. Prices start at 60p so there is something to meet everyone’s budget.

What treats do you like to receive for Easter? Will you be spending it with loved ones?

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