Ravensburger Big Ben 3D Night Edition Puzzle

19 February 2016

Grotbags is loving her puzzles at the minute and Ravensburger kindly sent her the Big Ben 3D Night Edition puzzle to try out.  We have seen this online and I had thought it may be too hard for her as she does not have a lot of patience if things don't turn out as she wants them too.  So on a rainy Saturday this was just the thing to keep her occupied.

The 3D puzzle is a reasonably new concept in jigsaws and one which Grotbags was looking forward to completing.  An icon of London, Big Ben consists of 216 plastic pieces, some of the pieces were hinged, a printed base board and an illuminating battery operated light pack which needs 3 AAA batteries and is aimed at people between the age of 10 and 99 years.

Grotbags loved that all the pieces were numbered and had direction arrows on. She started to sort them out in to piles of pieces 1-10, 11-20, 21 -30 etc to make the putting together of the puzzle easier.  I must say that she put most of the puzzle together herself with a little help from myself to complete the steeple part as she found this a little more difficult.

The finished result is really striking, you can choose from two effects, plain white or multi colours that change.  Big Ben now takes pride of place on Grotbag's shelf in her bedroom.  The only negative thing about the puzzle is the switch to control the light, I think it would have been better on top of the base, I find it rather fiddly picking the whole thing up to switch it on.  All in all Big Ben is a great puzzle and looks fantastic lit up at night.  You can buy Big Ben off Amazon for approximately £20 which I think is a great price for something that doubles up as a model once complete.

We were sent this puzzle free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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