Michelin Cross Climate Tyres - Our First Impression

19 January 2016

You may remember I was invited by Michelin to the official launch of Cross Climate tyres last year, you can read my post about testing them in Geneva here.  My husband was dubious and in his words "after having some new Cross Climate tyres fitted to our Audi A3 Quattro sport I was a little apprehensive as to their claim to being a new generation in all weather tyre".

Now hubbie is a professional LGV driver who delivers dangerous chemicals, therefore tyres are one of the most important things a driver puts his faith in.   In the transport industry most transport companies fit Michelin tyres to the front steer axel on heavy goods vehicles as they are considered to be the safest and best tyres.

When the Cross Climates were first fitted to our car my husband was concerned that the tread pattern would give some form of road noise, but he was pleasantly surprised at the lack of noise given off by them and to date on dry road surfaces the car feels a lot more steady. As yet I cannot compare the wear rate of cross climate tyres due to the length of time they have been fitted.

Living in the middle of the Peak District we have some of the most challenging roads in England, a lot of the roads are used by quarry traffic and therefore can be very slippy from deposits off lorries, not to mention bends and hills.  Residue from trees is also a huge problem on these roads and our car has seemed a lot more sure footed.  Cross Climates are ideal for changing road conditions and we most certainly have those here in the Peaks, especially with all the rain we have been experiencing lately.

What has impressed me to date is the grip in the wet, even though the Audi is 4 wheel drive it has performed well on wet road surfaces and braking has definitely improved on a number of differing road conditions including muddy roads.  As yet we have not tested the tyres in snow and icy conditions but I am sure this will happen in the near future and we intend to video the results.

As you can probably tell I am impressed by the performance of these tyres so far and I do genuinely feel a lot safer travelling to and from work.  Decent tyres are a small price to pay for road safety.  But what did hubbie really think to the Cross Climates? well in his words "These have definitely improved the handling of our car in the wet and I can't wait to try them out in the snow".

So for now we are waiting for the snow to see how these tyres compare to our usual winter tyres.

We were kindly given a set of Cross Climates to try out on the roads in the Peak District, the opinion is entirely our own.


  1. I am a convert to Michelin tyres as they outlast all the other ones I have tried

  2. I'm no tyre expert unfortunately and neither is my husband. We have to put our faith in what the garage recommends and probably get ripped off in the process.

  3. I have no clue when it comes to tyres and don't drive, all of that is left to the mister, who is equally clueless ha x

  4. I have no idea what type of tyres I have but as you say they are very important so I should probably pay more attention x

  5. I am afraid at the moment I have to go with the cheapest decent ones - probably false economy! Kaz x

  6. I do not know what types of tyres MOH has on he's car but we try to get ours from Lithuanian.


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