Creating a Versatile Wardrobe

19 January 2016

I like having clothes which are versatile, owning items that you can mix and match to create different outfits makes it so much easier to get dressed in a morning and saves a lot of time searching for items that match.   Anything that saves me time getting ready for work on a daily basis is a definite bonus.

My wardrobe consists of 6 main items.
  1. Black trousers
  2. A line skirt (I have two, one black, one natural)
  3. Tops in a variety of colours
  4. Jacket (mine is a plain natural colour)
  5. Classic Cardigan (in different shades)
  6. Jeans
My favourite item as to be my jeans, I just feel so comfy and prepared for any eventuality, although I cannot wear them for work.  M and M Direct have some great skinny jeans which can be teamed with cosy jumpers and boots for casual days out or glamorised with a beautiful lace or chiffon blouse and high heels for a night on the town.  I would love to know how you wear your jeans, do you just wear them casually or dress them up?

Accessories can be added to give unique touches to your clothes, for example instead of wearing your top loosely over trousers try tucking it in and adding a belt to give a more defined shape, or add a scarf or costume jewellery to add colour.  It is great fun experimenting with different accessories and really surprising how many different outfits you can create.  In fact, I will need a new wardrobe or cupboard soon for all the finishing touches I have collected.

This post is written in collaboration with M and M Direct

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