Wishlist Guide for Christmas

22 December 2015

I absolutely love giving presents to other people and I like to think that I put a lot of thought in to the gifts I give my friends, whether it's something quirky or a present that suits that individual's personality it really is great fun shopping around to find that perfect gift.  After all my present shopping for others I decided to come up with a guide of things that I would love to receive.


For the home I would love these distressed Mason Jars from My Heart By Hand they are absolutely gorgeous and are on Etsy priced at £13.78.

For something dressy and personal Coast have some really wonderful gifts for the festive season, I really love the nautical feel to this necklace made from twisted cord and crystal stones and with the added bonus it is in the sale right now priced at £19.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a new bag.  Being a rather a crazy animal lover this cute felt bag is right up my street, available from Valaris on Etsy priced at £22.74 I think it is an absolute bargain.

And if I really wanted a pair of slippers I would choose something like this, I love the fact they are hand knitted with cabling and buttons, just perfect for a cosy afternoon.  They are available from Dickens Knits priced at £27.56 on Etsy.

With my love for elephants this laptop bag would be great to keep laptop and planner in, it is available from Etsy priced at £34.45.

My list could go on and on but I'm not greedy and it is the small things that count, if I didn't receive any presents at all I wouldn't be disappointed, just as long as I had my family around me and they were having a wonderful time my Christmas would be perfect.  Sometimes the gift of life is enough.

What gift would be the top of your list this year?

This is a collaborative post.

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