Halfords Scooter Tips and Tricks

1 December 2015

We have had scooters in our house for the last 30 years due to having children ranging from 10 to 30 years and these two wheeled miracle machines have provided endless fun.  Not only are they a good form of getting around but they are also a great way to get outdoors and burn off some of that energy our children seem to have by the bucket load.

Halfords have come up with a great infographic with some useful tips and also some fabulous tricks, ranging in difficulty, in a three step guide along with some really important safety tips to keep them safe.  Unfortunately we do not have a skate park near us but Grotbags loves zooming up to the park on her scooter, she hasn't attempted any tricks as yet but we have taken her scooter on holiday and days out as we find it really useful in combatting tired legs from walking.

I'm sure lots of children have a scooter on their Christmas list and until the 7th December you can get 10% off scooters at Halfords.  Does your child have a scooter on their wish list this year?

This post was written in collaboration with Halfords. 

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