Goodbye 2015 Onwards and Upwards

31 December 2015

As this year draws to a close, I am so glad that it has past, although we have had happy moments along the way, 2015 has been a trying year for us, we have had to come to terms with a close family member suffering with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and I am so pleased to say he is now in remission and although it is a long road to recovery, he is heading in the right direction.

Blogging wise I would like to learn so much more about social media and join in with more linkies and also find the time to comment on all the lovely blogs that are out there.  I may not be an entrepreneur but love blogging as a hobby.

So what will 2016 hold for us as a family?  I have lots of goals that I would like to start or even complete and below are some things that are in the pipeline in the first half of the year.

January 2016 – Knit a pair of wrist warmers, I have seen an adorable pattern online.
February 2016 – Start a degree in Health & Social Care – am I really doing this?  I am starting to feel rather anxious as to “what if I have taken too much on” whilst working full time.
March 2016 – Plan a mini break, if time allows and I am not overloaded with assignments.
April 2016 – Celebrate my birthday in a different way, I am open to new ideas if anyone can help. It is also time to plan the garden and decide what plants to buy.
May 2016 – Decorate my hall and landing and buy new carpets.
June 2016 – We aim to visit lots of new outdoor locations for long walks with our new doggy Marlow.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and wish them a Happy Healthy New Year and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.


  1. Happy New Year sis, I hope 2016 is a wonderful year for you and I wish you luck with your goals, I know you can do it xx

  2. These are such good goals and hopefully very achievable for you. Best of luck for your new course and such good news about your relative. Happy new year xx

    1. Thank you Helen and you have revived my love for baking, I need to join in again as miss the GBBO xx

  3. Wishing you a great year ahead


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