Stocking Fillers for the Family

21 November 2015

I find it so hard not to buy lots of stocking fillers because I just love to see everyones face on Christmas morning when there is lots to open.  Here are a few more items that could be used.

Westlab Bath Soaks
These fabulous Bath Soak Salts from Westlab are just the thing to help you relax and unwind over the Christmas period, there are three different varieties to try, Relaxing, Detoxing and Reviving.  I tried the Detoxing Bath Soak and it really is lovely, with rosemary, grapefruit and lemongrass it really is relaxing and can leave you feeling a little more energised.  The Bath Soaks cost around £4.99 and are available nationwide in health stores.

Aromatherapy Associates
How about some gorgeous smelling treats for under the tree or would be ideal in a Christmas Eve box?  Well Aromatherapy Associates have come up with some great products beautifully packaged.  The Relax and Revive set contains 2 x rollerballs containing their own blends, Revive and Deep Relax which you can apply to pressure points to lift you,  these cost £18.  The Star contains a Revive Morning bath and shower oil and comes in a star shaped box which could be hung from the tree, costing £10.

There is a new look to Shloer which is inspired by Prosecco, Shloer Celebration is ideal for drivers who would still like to celebrate and is perfectly safe for children to join in with too.  The newly designed bottle is ultra chic and still has the popping cork, it also tastes rather good too and is available in two varieties, White Bubbly and Pink Fizz, costing around £2.99 per bottle it is a bargain.

Olverum Bath Oil
For a bath oil that is therapeutic and pampering why not treat that special person to Olverum Bath Oil. Olverum’s RRP of £23.50 for 125mls (which equates to 25 baths) is at the more expensive end of the market but well worth those extra pennies.  Soaking in this when you have had a hard day or feeling under the weather really does leave you feeling rejuvenated.  Olverum is a blend of 10 essential oils, eucalyptus, lavender, juniper, lavandin, lemon peel, Siberian fir needle, exotic verbena, lime, geranium and rosemary and even better it is not tested on animals.  You can buy this beautiful bath nectar from

It wouldn’t be Christmas without new stationary items and there is nothing I love more than decent pens.  BIC have so many to chose from pencils to felt tips and biros, the kids ball pen is perfect to aid the early stages of child development. All BIC products are reasonably priced starting at around £1.99 and are available from supermarkets and stationers.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Starmix and Tangfastics, they are available in duo tubs, gift tubes and have been a firm favourite in my house since the boys were little.  I’m rather mean that I never let them have sweets all year round, only at Christmas.

Wilkinson Sword
For the men in your life who are not really struck on electric razors then Wilkinson Sword have some great gift sets which contain lots of stylish grooming products.  The Wilkinson Sword Grooming Kit contains the Hydro 5 Groomer which is a 4 in 1 styling tool that trims, shaves, edges and hydrates, shaving bowl and shaving brush which will leave skin feeling hydrated.  Gift Sets are exclusively on sale in Tesco on the run up to Christmas.

You can’t beat Cadburys chocolates hanging on your tree and in your stocking.  Cadbury have a huge range of stocking fillers from Freddos to selection boxes and my son’s favourite the Endless Wispa, there really is something for everyone.  New for 2015 are the Milk Oreo Baubles and Snow Bite Baubles which I am sure will be a huge favourite.

Echo Falls
Were you aware of the tasty new red fruit fusions from Echo Falls, no neither had I until I tasted the lovely Cocoa and Orange chocolate flavour fusion.  I really like the chocolatey flavour and it was perfect with a little ice.  Priced at £5.99 and available at Tesco this would make a great stocking filler.

When I was in my youth I use to drink Babycham regularly and I have just renewed my acquaintance with it.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the odd glass of Babycham, which is a sparkling perry made from perry pears.  Babycham costs £3.49 for a 750ml bottle which is a great price and perfect to share with friends.

These little bars of scrumptiosness are divine, lovingly prepared from raw chocolate they will sure to be a huge hit with chocolate connosiers.  Priced at £2.69 a bar there are lots of varieties to choose from such as Cherry and Chilli, Almond and Fig and my favourite Pineapple and Inca Berry.

Family Budgeting
Do have a look at each others and lets share some Christmas inspiration!


  1. To me I prefer all the little stocking filler bits and have much more fun buying these. Not heard of the Echo Falls chocolate fusion wine before, might have to look out for a bottle of this x

  2. I wouldn't mind treating myself to new bath bubblies. Have you ever tried sanctuary? Their products are divine and I like the bath oils listed here.

    1. Yes Ana I love Sanctuary products too, I must admit I have rather a soft spot for anything that smells gorgeous. The Olverum is beautiful, definitely worth trying xx

  3. I always buy so many stocking fillers to and games and smellies are always good things to fill the stockings out with.

  4. What some fantastic ideas - I have to admit I would love to find some bath salts and haribo in my stocking this year. x

  5. I would like all of these please! We will definitely have some cadburys and haribos in our stockings this year x

  6. Great stocking fillers! I love how there's something for everyone. I could literally buy one of each and be sorted for Xmas!

  7. I love how you have included such pampering items! I love nothing more than a relaxation night!

  8. GIVE ME ALL THE STATIONARY! lol I do love the look of the detox bath salts though x

  9. Choclate fushion wine?? I need to try it! I love choclate I love wine! Yay this gonna be fun!

  10. This is a great little list and I am a huge fan of Westlab bath salts x

  11. I love to buy little bits and bobs for the Christmas stocking too. I spent nearly three hours shopping for gifts for my sister yesterday. She is hosting Christmas dinner this year and I am treating her to lots of little gifts to say thanks for that. Wish I had seen your list before as lots on here that I know she would like.

  12. You picked some great stocking fillers here! You can't go wrong with food, drink or toiletries!

  13. Fantastic stocking filler choices. I really like the sound of the bath salts x

  14. Oh such lovely things! The Aromatherapy Associates range sounds amazing. Oh and chocolate of course! Kaz x

  15. I do hope I get a bottle of wine or three in my stocking this year haha

  16. I would love to find the haribo, the chocolate, the baby ham or the felt tips in my stocking! x

  17. I'd be very happy with most of these in my stocking. I do love Echo Falls and I already have my bottle ready for Christmas day!


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