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9 July 2015

Like a lot of people out there my husband has paid money into different defined contribution pension schemes through different employers, leaving us with the dilemma over whether to combine them or not. I recently heard about Nutmeg who offer a range of services from ISAs to Pensions, giving you the easy option of managing your investments all in one place online.

Nutmeg have come up with this rather handy short explanation about Pensions which some people may find useful.

I don't know about you but I can't wait to retire but unfortunately we would not be able to survive on the State Pension alone.  I am lucky in some respects that I have a workplace pension and therefore do not have to cope with trying to sort out my pension.  Nutmeg allows you to create your own pension portfolio that is aligned to the level of risk that you are comfy with.   You can also transfer other pensions you may have, although there is always a risk when doing this and it is advised to seek financial advice first.

I was really impressed with the appearance of the website, useful information and calculation tools available.  Especially handy is the pension calculator which advises you on what you need to save each month to meet your desired pension.

I will definitely be looking at investments for my future after reading through the Nutmeg website after all it is never to late to get your house in order.

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