Proud to be British

4 June 2015

We’re a proud bunch in Britain. We love that people take the mickey out of our “posh” accent and refer to us in the same breath as Doctor Who, the Queen and fish and chips.

The thing is, they often think that’s about all we’ve got here. Just because we’re not as large as the United States and we don’t have the weather of Spain or the South of France, doesn’t mean that we don’t have more. We’ve given the world some amazing treats - David Beckham, James Bond, online bingo and One Direction to name just a few.

In recent years, since the recession struck, more of us have started holidaying at home and a significant number of those stay-at-home holidaymakers have discovered new parts of Britain that they’ve fallen in love with. Now they only dream of the white sandy beaches of Mexico but are overjoyed by a few days on a British beach instead.

To prove to anyone just how great Britain is, here are five things that just about every Brit loves that put the great in Great Britain.

City Breaks
As mentioned already, Brits love staying at home now. The days of exotic holidays and jetting off for some sun have gone for many of us since we started feeling the financial pinch; but Brits being Brits we’ve made the best of the situation.

Yes, we could just sit at home and get a tan in the garden, maybe whip up our own jug of Sangria and pop to the shops for all we need to make tapas, but we still like to get away for a few days wherever and whenever we can. There are some beautiful cities in Britain and a lot of us are only just realising that. The likes of Bristol, York, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Gloucester and Canterbury are stunning cities with plenty of history as well as things to see and do (I’ve not even included London or Manchester in there).
The British tourism industry is booming at the moment and lots of cities and coastal destinations are reinventing themselves to cope with the demand - it’s great!

Food and Drink
Since The Great British Bake Off appeared on our screens, our love for food and drink has been revitalised. Who would have thought that dear old Mary Berry and the guys off MasterChef could get us all talking about food and drink so freely! With just about all of us having either blogged about somewhere we’ve eaten or shared a picture of an amazing meal on Instagram, Facebook or wherever else we can share it.
We now all think we can cook - many of us can - and those who can’t are certainly more interested than ever before in going out for meals on “date nights” or instead of going to the usual bars on a night out.

We’ve always been good at producing music and some of the biggest bands in the world have come out of Britain. It was revealed recently that more of the albums sold worldwide in 2014 came from Great Britain than anywhere else. Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, One Direction, George Ezra, the evergreen Take That and Ellie Goulding selling more copies than the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyonce and the Foo Fighters in terms of album sales.
There was a time when we thought that TV in Britain was dying. The kind of shows we were producing were, not to put too fine a point on it, terrible. Now however, the big guns have upped their games and the major soaps - Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and so on - have produced some gripping storylines that have had us all tuning in. Remember the “Who Killed Lucy” story on EastEnders that went out live - that had people who didn’t even watch the show tuning in to find out who the killer was, and how it all went on the night.

The last few years have seen Britain really showing the world what we can do in the sporting world. Since London 2012 some of the top athletes have come from this small island with the likes of Hoy, Farah and Pendleton sparking a new generation of stars to come through. Then we have seen success in football with a lot of the top players in the world playing in Britain. The Premier League is arguably the biggest in the game with global television audiences tuning in to watch the matches on a weekly basis.

You see - you don’t need your passport, stay in Britain. It’s great!

This post was written in collaboration with Great British Bingo

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